Space Saving Toys Offer Versatility

Space Saving Toys Allows a Child to Have More Toys Despite Small Spaces

“Small Spaces” and “Children” don’t typically go hand in hand. A child loves to have plenty of room for a ton of toys but that isn’t always available. Playing with the same toys over and over again can get boring so what do you do when you have a small amount of space for your child? Have you heard of Pop-oh-ver? Let me tell you all about these space saving toys!

Space Saving Toys

What is Pop-oh-ver

Using a kitchen chair, Pop-oh-ver Pretend Play Sets slip right over the chair for an instant play set up. The material is a very durable canvas to last through the years.

Space Saving Toys

The Need for Pop-oh-ver

My daughter has a small room. She loves using her imagination. Pretending to cook up a pot of soup or bake a pan of brownies is one of her favorites right alongside playing dress up, playing in her tent and making up storylines for her Barbies. The problem is, she doesn’t have room in her room for a kitchen set, her tent, a Barbie house along with her bedroom furniture. It would be WAY too cluttered for her to truly play AND sleep! 

Space Saving Toys

Pop-oh-ver allows her to set up her cooking area and then take it down when she is ready to play with the next thing. It doesn’t have to stay set up and in the way. In a matter of about two minutes, I can have it all set up and ready to be played with. Plus, Pop-oh-ver toys are extremely portable. This gives her the option of playing in her bedroom, our living room, or even beside me in the kitchen while I am cooking. 

Space Saving Toys

Are you looking for a way to save space in your child’s bedroom? Pop-oh-ver allows instant pop up play anywhere, in any space with just a chair and a Pop-oh-ver set. You will love the fact that your child can use the space for multiple toys instead of the same old boring toys! Check them out!

Space Saving Toys

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8 thoughts on “Space Saving Toys Offer Versatility

  1. Whoever thought of this is brilliant. Would be especially great for anyone living in a small home or even think about it a small apartment like somewhere in NYC, with a few children. Very clever.

  2. What a super way to save space but it also is a good way to keep things organized and not have so many toys out all the time. What a great idea this is.

  3. I love the idea of space saving toys! This is such a cute set, I love that it can be taken down when needed. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  4. How great is this! Just fold up and pack away when kids are done playing.

  5. This is perfect for my 2 daughters that really want a kitchen playset, but we don’t have the space. This is super cute and looks like a quality toy.

  6. This is such a cute idea. Great for small spaces. I have never seen these before. Thank you so much for sharing

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