Sound Sleep = Happy Moms, Happy Kids

Tips for Children Receiving a Sound Sleep Each Night

There are a couple common complaints that I hear out of the mouths of mothers all around. The first common complaint is of being too tired from the lack of sleep they get each night (most of the time due to their children not sleeping sound through the night). Another complaint is unhappy, irritable, disobedient children throughout the day which wears us moms out! There are often many contributing factors but I believe the greatest of the vicious circle of unhappy, tired moms and unhappy, irritable children is from the child’s lack of sleep.

Children Sleep Better

Important Factors of Creating a Sound Sleep for Everyone

  • Keep the bedtime routine
  • Have a special blanket, teddy bear, or even one of dad‘s old shirts to sleep with.
  • Read a book before bed
  • Use Kuviez sheets to help secure your child’s top sheet from being kicked off through the night
  • No TV or other electronics for at least a half an hour prior to bedtime
  • Make sure child is hydrated throughout the day with healthy eating habits.
  • Provide a pillow that is supportive and comfortable
  • Give your child a bath prior to bed to help them relax
  • Use lotion with lavender after bath time for added relaxation and/or add a drop of lavender to your child’s pillow or stuffed animal.

Children sleep better

Kuviez sheets

Do you have a little one who looks like they were wrestling an alligator in their sleep every night? You wake up to their fitted sheet (once again) OFF their mattress? It can be rather frustrating. It also interrupts your child’s rest throughout the night. It causes the child to become uncomfortable with a wadded up sheet under them. Kuviez sheets have an elastic band that covers all four corners, giving the fitted sheet an added secure fit.

sound sleep

Another lack of sleep comes from the top sheet and blanket coming off your child during the night. Sometimes, a child will kick it off in their sleep. Other times the sheets can come off simply from your child tossing and turning in their sleep (that stinkin alligator!). The Kuviez sheets have a button that holds the top sheet in place which in turn, keeps the blanket in place, too! This provides added security and constant warmth. No more night time cries from your child being cold!

Children Sleep Better

The button is attached to an elastic band which allows a “give” to the top sheet. With the added “give”, your child will not rip the button off if they toss and turn nor will it fit too tightly. The elastic allows enough leeway without allowing the sheet to come off them.

Children sleep better

We have been using Kuviez sheets for several months now and the sheets look the exact same as they did when we first started using them!! As a mom on a tight budget, that means a lot to me. I look for quality products that will last. Kuviez sheets have met all my “mom standards”!

sound sleep

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9 thoughts on “Sound Sleep = Happy Moms, Happy Kids

  1. These are such great suggestions for getting a good nights sleep for all of us. I have never seen these sheets before. I need to try these for my grandchildren. They sound great. Thank you so much for sharing

  2. i know in my family we all feel better after a good nights sleep,,if the kids dont get the full amount they are cranky and whinny

  3. I couldn’t agree more, as a mom of three! Getting a good nights sleep is SO important for all of us, as it usually sets the mood for our day. Plus as we all know, kids are no fun when they are tired. I never really realized just how important it is for me as an adult either, until I had kids. Thanks for sharing!

  4. I have two little grandsons; who could use new bed sheets… I like your review of these!
    How do we make, daily entries?
    Many thanks, Cindi

  5. These sheets are perfect for my daughter’s first bed that we are giving her for her birthday. I love the pink design for her. They are fun and cheerful, like my daughter.

  6. Bedtime routines can really make all the difference in getting kids to go to sleep. My granddaughter is a restless sleeper who always has her sheets and blankets in a mess so this would be helpful for her.

  7. My little girl moves all over the place when she is sleeping. These sheet sets would help her keep the sheets on her instead of on the floor and everywhere else.

  8. These sheets sound awesome! My daughter is definitely one to move so much that all of her sheets end up on the ground every night. I am sure this probably does disrupt her sleep every night!

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