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Need a Hug?

Do you ever climb into bed or lay on the couch and just have the deep desire for a hug? Sometimes, people are too busy or it may be late at night so everyone is asleep. A hug isn’t ALWAYS readily available by even those who you know would hug you in a heartbeat if they could. My son and I had a very interesting conversation today.

need a hug

Everyone Will Need a Hug 

I had received a Sleep Zzz Kids Pillow for a review. Both my 10-year-old and four-year-old have tested the pillow. Without any prompting, I asked my four-year-old her thoughts and she said, “I like how soft it is”. That is about the extent of information I get from her but my son, on the other hand, had a shocking review.

I asked him what he thought and this is what I got from my affectionate, snuggly guy.

“Mom, everyone needs a hug sometimes. I love how I feel like I am hugging someone when I snuggle with this pillow. Plus, it makes me feel like I am getting a hug back. Sometimes I need a hug when I wake up during the night but I don’t want to wake you up.”

So, this was a hard statement for me to hear. I hate knowing he has needed extra loving at night and hasn’t wanted to wake me up. Then he added,

“Plus, I don’t want to get out of bed because then I would REALLY be awake.”

By him adding that last sentence, it made me feel much better. 🙂 

need a hug

We are approaching some of the tough years. We have already gone through and are still going through some of it with our oldest son. The years where he still likes toys but feels too grown for them. The years where we transition from elementary school to junior high. The years where their identity is a little foggy. A time when extra hugs, encouragement and a whole lot of one on one time will be needed to get him through! 

A pillow that can give him the security while still being independent?! YES, PLEASE! Of course, he was loving the Seahawks colored pillowcase. As you can tell by the handmade bracelet that his birthmother made for him recently, he LOVES the Seahawks colors.

need a hug

About the Sleep Zzz Pillow

The Kid’s Sleep Zzz Pillow is made for ages three and up. My son is a small ten-year-old (eleven in less than a month) but even a typical sized eleven-year-old would fit this pillow well! 

The pillow is in a shape of a “U” which fits comfortably around a child. They can lay flat on their back or lay on their side while hugging the pillow for added comfort. 

need a hug

The pillowcase is extremely soft. I did not expect how soft it was by looking at the photos on Sleep Zzz’s website. Pictures do not do justice when you are picturing how soft the pillowcase is on this thing! You can purchase additional pillowcases to allow protection on the pillow at all times, even while washing!

need a hug

They also make these pillows for adults! Hmmmmm… sounds like something I need for MYSELF!

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  1. This pillow sounds so nice and comfy. I could definitely use this. I have alot of trouble with my neck and shoulder. This sounds like it could really help. Thank you for sharing

  2. I can see this being a comfortable pillow for bedtime, watching tv or reading on the floor! I love how on can choose a fabric design for the pillow. How fun and comfy!

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