How Solight Origami Lanterns Can be Used in Interior Design

Solight Origami Lanterns

What does a chandelier, a bird, a dinosaur, a corgi, a family of rabbits and a lamp all have in common? Origami. Skilled hands can fold Washi paper into any of these shapes with this ancient and beautiful technique …a technique that really is the epitome of the motto “it’s mind over matter.” 

It’s no wonder that this mindful craft, producing intricate designs, would be attractive to designer Alice Chun. With a background in architecture, material technology and solar energy, Alice used her knowledge to create solar origami lanterns. Lanterns that fit the new “green” design economy, radiate light where electrical devices can’t, and capture the essence and tranquil beauty that only origami can.  

Alice’s solar lanterns have spread across the world, finding resting places everywhere from the tables of small villages to tents to gracing the spread of a backyard patios full of “concrete curves” to alighting on the surface of water illuminating the night sky. They fit into every design spectrum imaginable. 

So how can Solight Origami Lanterns be used in the design world? Wherever light and clean lines are needed, these lanterns can exist, absorbing the sunlight in the day to radiate their own light at night.  

Solight Lanterns and the Backyard Table Setting 

If you’re researching how to create the perfect outdoor patio table setting, you may come across tips like how to choose between placemats or tablecloth, fine china or everyday dishes, candles or lanterns. The list goes on. 

But for an outdoor activity/party at night, there’s no question of candles or lanterns. Solight solar lanterns are the perfect items for both functional lighting and a graceful table setting accent. Line up three in a row in the center of the table with two short bouquets of wildflowers for a beautiful nighttime display that will mesmerize and calm friends and family. 

Porch Solight Lantern Décor 

The cascade effect on a front porch is a nice touch. You start with a medium-large container of flowers in the back (nearest the door), then place a smaller complimentary one in front, cascading down in size until you place your Solight lantern at the bottom to light the way at night. It creates a soft, yet bold effect, bringing just the right amount of lighting and clean lines to your porch. 

Solight Lanterns and the All-White Wedding Tablescape   

They don’t just fit into the all-white, wedding table reception decor, they enhance the beauty of it. Adding in the creamy delight of soft lighting from the pop-up Solight lanterns can create a tablescape to remember at your wedding reception. These affordable pieces are the perfect option for any bride craving the perfect simplistic centerpiece to accentuate her big day.  

The Mantlepiece full of Textured Art and Solight Lanterns

On each Solight lantern, the material is woven and almost has a lace-like pattern. That and the gorgeous variety of shapes the lanterns come in make them the perfect items to showcase. Mix and match with mirrors and art pieces for the perfect mantlepiece display! 

Solight Lanterns and Sunroom Glow 

Let all the light into your sunroom through gorgeous windows and let all the light radiate from your sunroom using Solight lanterns. They essentially glow after bathing in the sun all day and soaking in the light then releasing it at night to create a warm glow. They can sit perfectly perched on a shelf or ledge and add to the design décor due to their minimalist, clean lines and textured material. Fold them down and away when not needed, but bring them out any time you want to upgrade your sunroom experience. 

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