Sole Provisions Vionic Torri High-Tops Bring Style to Your Outfit

Sole Provisions’ Vionic Torri High-Tops Give you Style and Class

Shoes, some people LOVE them, some people HATE them, and some people just wear them because “NO Shoes, NO shirt, NO SERVICE!” signs are practically everywhere, so you have to wear shoes!… It’s just how life is! For me, I’m somewhere in between. I really like shoes but I’ve always had feet issues and I have to be careful what kind or type of shoe I wear. Sole Provisions offers Vionic Torri High-Tops, they are super cute and oh so comfy!

Vionic Torri High-Tops Bring Style to Your Outfit

Stylish, Cute and Comfortable:

In my opinion, anything with a zipper automatically makes it fancier… that could be just me though, but I do think it adds that extra style. Also, whoever thought High-Tops would be back in style?? Well, here they are, back and better than ever! 

White Snake was my color choice but they are also available in Navy in full and half sizes from size 6-11. The Sole Provisions Vionic High-Tops are high quality, you can tell as soon as you take them out of the box. Once you put them on, the quality and comfort are confirmed! The inside of the shoes has a velvety feel to them. Being that they are high-tops they have a nice snug (not tight) fit to the shoe that is very comfortable. 

Vionic Torri High-Tops Bring Style to Your Outfit

Be Kind to Your Feet:

Foot problems are a very common thing you hear about, so having good/supportive shoes is a MUST! Our feet work hard and take a lot of stress, so we HAVE to take care of our feet. But, in taking care of our feet by making sure we have good shoes, there’s no reason why you can’t have supportive and STYLISH all in one… or not anymore, that is now that you know about Sole Provision’s Vionic Torri High-Tops!

Vionic Torri High-Tops

“Funky, flirty and bold, the Torri high-top sneaker delivers style in spades. With a crisp, white outsole, multi-material uppers and metallic zipper detail, this casual shoe is the perfect way to jazz up any look.”

Get comfortable this fall with Sole Provision’s Vionic Torri High-Tops! 

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