Smell Good Valentine Gifts for Kids!

 Valentine Gifts for Kids – Gifts that Smell Sweet Without the Sugar!

My kids love anything sweet but I am not a fan of constantly giving them sweets as a gift. With Whiffer Sniffers, I can spoil them with something sweet without a concern of cavities! Sweet smelling, fun, cute, soft backpack clips to add to their bookbags!

Valentine Gifts for kids

I receive products to test, all the time. My kids each have different interests because of their age differences (and of course gender differences). When Whiffer Sniffers asked me if they could send products for me to check out, I immediately thought, “My four-year-old daughter will love these!”. To be really honest, I did NOT think my boys would have any interest whatsoever. 

Valentine Gifts for kids

My 15-year-old saw the box sitting on the kitchen counter and asked what was in the box. I told him what they were and he started digging around in the box. I stood there thinking maybe he thought there was more in the box than what I told him with the way he was digging. A second later, he pulls out the Ruby B. Floats Backpack Clip and said, “Can I have this one?”. Needless to say, I agreed but was a little confused. He then went on to ask if he could open the Whiffer Sniffer Mystery Pack. 

Valentine Gifts for kids

In walks, my 10-year-old son and my 15-year-old son said, “Ry, check THESE out!!!”. My 10-year-old starts digging and pulls out one, then another, and another telling me he can’t decide which one he wanted most! They were like kids in a candy store. WHAT?! SCORE!!! Something inexpensive that ALL THREE of my kids were crazy about. 

So, What ARE Whiffer Sniffers?

Whiffer Sniffers are backpack clips that smell how they look. Pick the Strawberry Twirl and it smells like a strawberry! Sniff a Cheri Cheri and it smells just like a cherry! 

Valentine Gifts for kids

Whiffer Sniffers are available in themed clips which make perfect gifts for Valentine’s Day, birthdays, and other holidays as well! 

Whiffer Sniffers backpack clips are the coolest new collectible for kids! Voted a most wanted toy by TTPM, named a top trend at N.Y. Toy Fair, awarded the Tillywig Sterling Fun award, and Creative Child Magazine’s 2016 Product of the Year award!

Valentine Gifts for kids

Clip Whiffer Sniffers to nearly anything and smell sweet all day! Scents last about a year. Collect them. Trade them. Sniff them!

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