The Smartwatch is a Total Game Changer for Busy Moms

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Fossil Women’s Smartwatch is Great for Every Busy Mom

I am one busy mama these days. The holidays are busy enough but when you add in having two kindergarteners learning to read (my own and another I am fostering), a 6th grader who plays basketball, and a 10th grader who not only enjoys being anywhere his friends are but who also plays both JV and Varsity basketball for school. PLUS, all four kids involved in church functions all while I am trying to operate a business…. I am always running in every direction. I have children (and a husband) who need my undivided attention most of the day. I haven’t always been very good at balancing my focus on them versus getting a little too into my phone. I would hear my phone go off, check the notification and instead of putting it back down, I would also check emails, scroll through social media, and before I knew it, I had been on my phone for 10 minutes… just to check a text! It is so easy to do. Thanks to my new Fossil – Gen 4 Venture HR Smartwatch I can keep my phone out of my hand and less distracted.


The Fossil Gen 4 Venture HR Smartwatch works with both Android and iOS because it links through your google account. Since it works through Bluetooth technology, you can be roughly 30 feet away from your phone, of course, depending on the environment. That allows me to clean house, wrap gifts, or just spend time snuggling with one of my babies without my phone in hand while not having to miss any important messages that may come through. Since we are foster parents and my husband is a youth pastor, we do not like to miss any calls or important texts. We never turn our phones off. The Fossil Smartwatch allows me to have the vibration alert on my watch to wake me up in the middle of the night if DSS calls or a teen calls needing to talk. I don’t have to worry about not hearing my phone go off! I can take a quick glance at my watch to see if the message is important or if it can wait until later to respond to. The smart reply option makes responding to messages quickly and easy!


The Fossil – Gen 4 Venture HR Smartwatch has some pretty awesome features. Aside from the fact that the smartwatch keeps me focused more on my children, it also has helped me stay focused on my health! I love how you can record exercise sessions (including distance traveled, calories burned, activity versus inactivity time, number of steps taken, sleep activity, and the number of stairs climbed) and even monitor your heart rate at all times. The Google Fit program motivates you to live a healthy life based on the guidelines from the American Heart Association & World Health Organization. Since the watch is water-resistant, it is also able to be worn while working out and even swimming! The Fossil – Gen 4 Venture HR Smartwatch is water resistant against submersion in up to 164 feet of water!


I can also keep from missing any ball practices, doctor appointments, and youth activities. Since the Fossil Gen 4 Venture HR Smartwatch works with my Google account, keeping my calendar synced between my laptop, phone, and watch is effortless! Whether I have my phone on me or not, I can check my calendar to see what is going on for the day or even for the days ahead!


I love how the 18 mm rose gold watch band can look classy all while blending in with my outfits. The small studs add just the right amount of bling… not too fancy but dressed up to my taste!


I love how I can even save time in the store with a quick access of Google Pay. All I have to do is wave my wrist to pay for my items just about anywhere that accepts credit cards!

With Christmas approaching, life has seemed even more hectic. A dose of Christmas music helps me keep calm and in good spirits. I can control my music straight from my watch!!


Starting Out

When you first open your watch, you will need to try it on for size. I had a couple of links removed from mine for the snug fit I needed in order for the heart monitor to constantly monitor my heart rate. Once you get the proper adjustment, remove the sticker that is on the back of the watch as well as the display sticker on the face of the watch. Next, you will need to have your phone handy to download the Wear OS by Google App. After you download the Wear OS by Google App onto your phone, follow the very simple on-screen instructions to pair your phone and your watch.



Pretty much any notifications that would show up on your phone screen will show up on your watch which gives you the option to leave your phone in your pocket or keep you from digging in your purse to check messages. You can edit which notifications you receive by going into the Wear OS by Google App. Want to silence your watch from vibrating? For Android, simply swipe down and then tap the circle until a strikethrough icon appears. For iOS, tap the half moon.

When silencing your notifications, your notifications will still appear on your watch but they will no longer make your watch vibrate. If you choose not to have ANY alerts, vibration or visual notifications, you can turn your watch to theatre mode by swiping down and then tap the watch icon. When you are ready to turn the watch off of theatre mode, just press the middle button.


Customizing Your Watch

Everything on your watch is customizable, not just which notifications you would like to receive. You can choose the face style, background color, digital or traditional watch style, the coloring of the numbers and letters along with choosing which apps you want on your home screen.

I love the linked bracelet style watch but I have to admit that I also have my eyes on another band that is compatible with the Fossil – Gen 4 Venture HR Smartwatch. It will give me a chance to switch it up as I wish. Have I said how I love how customizable this smartwatch is?!


The Fossil Gen 4 Venture HR Woman’s Smartwatch is truly a beauty. I have had numerous compliments! So, besides the fact that it is extremely functional and a huge time saver, I enjoy the fact that it adds character to anything I wear! Grab your Fossil Smartwatch today from Best Buy or order online, HERE.  

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22 thoughts on “The Smartwatch is a Total Game Changer for Busy Moms

  1. What a pretty watch! I love my smartwatch! I didn’t realize how much I would love it until I started wearing it. Now I’d hate to be without it.

  2. OH my gosh, I love this! I’ve always wished for a smartwatch that had a classic look, but I could never find one. The is beautiful!

  3. I have never been a fan of smartwatches mainly because of how they look. This one is too cute though! It looks stylish and like an actual watch that I would wear.

  4. That is a pretty watch. I need to learn more about how to operate my smartwatch better. Just waiting for the teen to come home for winter break to show me.

  5. This watch is beautiful! Its crazy how far we have come with technology. Its nice that there is now a watch that is functional and pretty!

  6. I never heard about this watch before and the fact that it works with both iOs and Android is amazing. It has so many important features that will come in handy when you are out and about as well. I love the idea that it also gives you the necessary tips to keep healthy.

  7. I’m not so much into using smart watches so much, but this one seems to be fabulous! My mum likes this kind of gadgets, so maybe I’ll give her such a gift this Christmas. 🙂

  8. This is awesome! I know what I want for Christmas now! I’m so bad about not just putting the phone back down. This seems like a really good solution to that problem!

  9. That is one elegant and stylish looking watch. You can wear it basically with any outfit I would want to get something like this for Christmas.

  10. I love the whole concept of the smart watch. But I have to say, I have a hard putting the technology of a smartwatch and the elegance of a more traditional watch together.

  11. That is such a beautiful watch. I would love to have a great smartwatch like that. Maybe something a little more manly looking. I know my daughter would love it.

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