Small but Mighty: Genius Home Design Ideas

Genius Home Design Ideas

Do you feel like your apartment can never look awesome and absolutely chic because it’s too small? Well, if you do, get ready to rethink your opinion since we’ll prove you wrong. Small rooms and apartments can look as amazing as all others, but you’ll need to follow certain rules. And, in order to help you with that, here is our list of useful advice on this topic.

Go for light colors

You may like darker nuances, but let’s face it – they won’t do your small rooms any good. Instead, try experimenting with some lighter and calmer hues. Of course, this doesn’t mean that your only option is white. The choices are abundant and our personal favourite is French vanilla. It will create a perfect background making the whole room look brighter. And what’s even better, you’ll be able to choose colorful pieces of furniture which will additionally liven up the space creating a perfect contrast.

Genius Home Design Ideas

Choose the right rug

Regardless of the size of the room, choosing the right rug can be a bit tricky. However, don’t worry, there are several tips we’re more than happy to share with you that will surely make this easier. First of all, pay attention to its color. Since you don’t want to make your room look even more crowded, avoid patterned rugs with a lot of shades, particularly if your furniture is already in bright and bold colours. Instead, go for some more natural, earthy tones. Additionally, its shape is very important. For example, if your living room is small and square-shaped, you should definitely go for an amazing flatweave runner rug. Its design will perfectly match the shape of the room, thus making it look bigger.

Genius Home Design Ideas

Avoid huge pieces of furniture

Instead of overcrowding the space with huge pieces of furniture, go for smaller ones which won’t eat up the entire room. For example, small side tables will serve you well, but they won’t occupy as much space as a big coffee table would. This way, you’ll be able to move around the room without feeling trapped and claustrophobic. However, you shouldn’t follow this rule blindly. Sometimes a big piece of furniture can have a positive impact on the room, like in the case of a nice red sofa which will add some drama to the decor. Of course, two big pieces of furniture in the same small room would be just too much!

Genius Home Design Ideas

Be creative with storage

Another important aspect of home design is creating an efficient storage space. We all have a lot of clothes, books, certain items which we don’t want to get rid of, but this doesn’t mean we should let them overcrowd our space. Instead, we should find some creative options to hide them from sight. For example, baskets placed under the bed are probably one of the top solutions, since they don’t occupy any extra space. Furthermore, you should use vertical space as much as possible to maximize storage and go for the amazing open wall shelves on which you can display your collection of books.

Genius Home Design Ideas

Make it bright and add mirrors

Finally, the two things that will make your room look bigger are lights and wall mirrors. If your room has plenty of natural light during the day and good lighting in the evening, it will look significantly brighter, and thus much bigger. Nothing can make a room appear smaller that it actually than dim lights and a lack of windows can. And, when it comes to mirrors, the explanation is simple – they create an illusion of wider space which is exactly what you should be aiming at.

Genius Home Design Ideas

As you can see, small doesn’t exclude mighty, but you have to have certain rules in mind. However, this doesn’t mean that you should follow them blindly. Feel free to experiment and maybe come up with some additional ideas. Above all, it’s important that you feel comfortable spending time in your own home.

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