5 Sleep Tactics When Traveling With Small Children

Child Sleep Tactics for Moms On the Go!

We travel often and have found that traveling with kids can be tricky and getting the kids to sleep while traveling can often lead to stress and anxiety with both the parent and the child. Don’t be caught off guard the next time that you travel. Follow these simple steps to a more relaxed (and successful) nights sleep for your child, and in turn, yourself.

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1. Travel while your child sleeps  

If it is possible, plan the times that you are traveling to coincide with the sleep schedules of your children. If you are planning a trip that requires long hours in the car, then prepare to leave around the time of your child’s usual bedtime. While you are on vacation, plan to be in the car or long walks when your child normally takes naps. Traveling while the child sleeps provides the parent with a less stressful and more focused time to get to the destination.

2. Familiar sleep zone  

Do your best to recreate the child’s sleeping space to be as close to their usual sleeping arrangement at home. Divide the space where they are sleeping in from the area that you will be sleeping. For example, if you are in a hotel room, place the crib in a corner and put a chair or blanket that blocks the light and view of you so that they can sleep with fewer distractions.

sleep tactics

3. Use technology to distract and calm  

Whether you are in a hotel, camper, a family member’s home, or a tent, your child may have trouble sleeping if there is a lot of background noise. Cover the sound up with white noise. Before you leave for your trip, download a white noise app, nature sounds, classical music, or lullabies onto your phone. My recommendation is that you do this beforehand because it may come in handy in the car as well.

4. Keep a flexible bedtime routine  

Whenever we travel, it is vital for us to be as flexible with our routine as possible while still providing our daughter with the amount of sleep that she is accustomed to having. One way that we do this is to bring her favorite books with us while we travel. Before she lays down, we read a book, just like at home, and then have time to snuggle before she goes to sleep. We allow for flexibility when we are visiting family – her bedtime may be postponed for an hour or so and then we sleep in a little longer in the morning or encourage a more relaxed time of waking up. 


5. Bring along the comforts of home

Whenever we would travel in the past we always made sure that we brought her favorite blanket, a favorite stuffed animal, and her pillow. However, two years ago, we were introduced to the Janiebee Quilted Nap Mats, and they have changed the way that we travel! Instead of making sure that we have a blanket and pillow, we put her favorite stuffy up onto the mat, roll it up, and her bed is ready to un-roll in its new spot. I love the convenience of having an all-in-one travel mat that we can use for naps as well.

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The mat is made with two-inch thick padding and is made of 100% cotton. I like the fact that the mat and pillow are so easy to wash and maintain their shape. My daughter can easily carry the mat herself. Not only is each nap mat handmade, but there is also the choice to design your child’s mat. The Janiebee mat, along with a few easy traveling steps, ensures that our daughter will rest well during our many travels – no matter where we lay our sleepy heads!  

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My daughter has loved her Janiebee Nap mat so much that she sleeps with it every single night… even at home. I don’t mind that one bit because it allows us to travel easier with her feeling “right at home”. She has had it for two years now and I can say that there is not one single flaw even though it has traveled with us and been used every single night (and washed far more times than I can count!). We love it so much that we got this adorable nap mat for the newest addition to our extended family! I think they will love it!

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