A Simple Cleaning Plan For Busy Families

A Simple Cleaning Plan For Busy Families

When people think of cleaning their home, they often visualize scrubbing away for hours and hours. Cleaning can be accomplished in much less time. By following this simple plan, families can keep their homes clutter- and dirt-free.

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Daily Cleaning

There are a few chores which should be performed daily. These daily cleaning tasks don’t have to take all day. Set a timer and see how fast you can beat the times listed below. Get your children involved and make a game of it.

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  • Making the bed – one to two minutes
  • Declutter the bathroom counter – one minute
  • Wipe down the bathroom mirror and countertop – 30 seconds
  • Clear the dining table after meals – one minute
  • Do a Load of Laundry – 10 minutes
  • Unloading the dishwasher – three to five minutes
  • Loading the dishwasher – two to four minutes
  • Wiping kitchen counters after cooking – three minutes
  • Throwing away items after using them – 10 seconds
  • Putting up books, toys, etc. after using them – one minute
  • Quick sweeping the kitchen and living room floor – three minutes

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Weekly Cleaning

In addition to daily cleaning, perform weekly cleaning to cut back on dust, dirt, and grime. Fly Lady suggests dividing your home into different zones and then cleaning one zone a week. By the end of the month, you will have cleaned all areas of your home. By the end of the year, you’ll enjoy a spotless home.

The cleaning zones which Fly Lady suggests are:

Zone 1: Entrance, front porch, and dining room
Zone 2: Kitchen
Zone 3: Bathroom and one extra room
Zone 4: Master bedroom
Zone 5: Living room

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An alternative method for deep cleaning your home involves creating a master weekly checklist. Write separate categories for each room of your home. Under each category list the following:

  • Floors
  • Windows
  • Dust
  • Declutter

Add the following for the bathroom(s) only:

  • Tub
  • Shower
  • Mirror
  • Countertops
  • Toilet
  • Soap Refill

Durgol Bathroom Cleaner is a great addition to getting your bathroom clean. It removes soap scum, grime, and lime buildup from sinks, showers, tubs, tiles, and fixtures without any effort.

Add the following for the kitchen only:

  • Clean out refrigerator

Durgol Kitchen Cleaner can be stored in your kitchen for quick clean ups but also for deeper cleans. It can be used on countertops, chrome and steel surfaces, cooktops, the insides of the microwave, sinks, tiles, oven hoods, high chairs, even garbage cans. Durgol® Kitchen Cleaner removes grease, grime, and lime buildup easily!

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For additional ideas on what to add to your deep cleaning plan visit Fly Lady or Real Simple.

You can use this checklist from week to week. Make it a goal to complete two to three rooms a week. Don’t forget to set a timer for the weekly cleaning tasks as well.

Avoid Spring Cleaning…or the “We Have Guests Hurry Up and Clean!” Syndrome. Every few months, you can do some spring cleaning, just not right before guests arrive. If you want everything to be clean in a hurry, the Durgol Universal is great for when you need a thorough cleaning of your kitchen and bathrooms in a short amount of time. Use it in the tough spots that need decalcification. It comes ready to use without having to dilute.

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Having a workable daily and weekly cleaning plan eliminates the stress and headache stemming from a messy home. It also keeps your family from last minute cleaning efforts for big events. So set up your family’s cleaning plan today.

Need more home organization tips? Read how to create a household notebook; tips on creating a morning routine or an evening routine; setting goals for your family, and setting up a weekly plan to eliminate stress.

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15 thoughts on “A Simple Cleaning Plan For Busy Families

  1. The fact that it removes lime build up says I need the cleaner. We have an older home and struggle with lime buildup in a big way.

  2. I try getting my kids involved. They make the biggest messes so I figure they should help in clean up.

  3. Clutter is my main problem. I feel like my house is always dirty because it is so cluttered. I need to go room by room and clean out then start these tips to keep it clean and clutter free.

  4. I always feel like my house is a mess. With four kids, I can’t ever keep it clean. Thanks for helping.

  5. Never heard of that cleaner. Going to have to try the kitchen stuff. I like that it is safe around food!

  6. I need the descaler for my bathroom! I have some spots that I can’t get clean enough. It’s great that I won’t have to mix it with nothing else.

  7. Me too. My kids help out. I like knowing that if it is safe for food, it is much safer for children!

  8. I have to go through my house about once a month to declutter. The good thing is that if I do it every month, it never gets TOO bad!

  9. Most definitely, put them to work! It is good for their future if they learn at an early age.

  10. I need to get better about doing a load of laundry (or two) every day. I always wait too long and wind up with too much laundry piled up.

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