Botley the Coding Robot by Learning Resources

Without a doubt, technology is here to stay. Preparing our kids to be ready for a tech-savvy world is important. Yet there have been many studies on the effects of to much screen time on children. Learning Resources has the perfect solution! Meet Botley the Coding Robot.

coding robot

Meet Botley the coding robot! This cute little guy will allow your child to not only begin to code straight out of the box, but also give countless hours of entertainment! The great thing is while using its simple remote programmer (much like a wireless remote) there is no screen time required! No phone, no tablet, just your child, a remote and their imagination!

coding robot

One of the things I love about Botley is as your child’s understanding grows, so will their capabilities with Botley. This is a toy that has features simple enough that a small child can play with it. Simple commands such as forward, backward, or left or right. It also comes with simple black line cards that with a quick flip of a button Botley can follow. Yet Botley also offers the ability to program loop commands and if/then statements. This feature is particularly fun when it comes to avoiding objects and what Botley should do when one is encountered. In addition to these features, Botley has hidden features that your child will be able to unlock along the way!

coding robot

Included with Botley is a 77 piece activity set. This includes attachable arms, coding cards, double-sided tiles, obstacle building pieces and the starter guide to get your child off and running. Using these pieces and Botleys arms, you can even have him moving obstacles in a matter of moments! In my daughter’s case, she made herself part of the obstacle.

coding robot

Upon arrival at our house, my daughter was enjoying Botley within moments. As a mom, I always enjoy her giggles but knowing Botley helps promote Stem skills while providing great entertainment for her is a win-win. As she enjoys her playtime Botley, Botley challenges her in problem-solving and helps to stretch her imagination as well.

coding robot

So if you are looking for a way to prep your child for today’s tech world, avoid excessive screen time and give your child hours of great playtime, Learning Resources, Botley the Coding Robot is the answer you have been searching for!

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