Charli Chair Makes Bathing Your Babies Pain-Free #Review

Charli Chair Allows Pain-Free Bathtime

Bathing your babies should be a special time NOT a painful time. Primo Baby’s Charli Chair is an elevated bath chair for your child that will meet your baby’s needs AND your needs as a parent!

Charli Chair

Problems With Bathtime

As a mother of three children all spread out in age, I have tried all sorts of bathing techniques. Here are a few I have tried and the problems I have found!

  • Kitchen Sink Baths – Baths in the sink are convenient for little ones but I could never keep it warm enough for them. We don’t keep our house super warm, so I always felt bathing them in the sink was just too cold. The water can be warm but what about the air around it? 
  • Baby Bathtubs – Again, is the air warm enough? I always had to use these in either the kitchen sink or on the kitchen counter depending on the style bathtub. My bathroom sinks and counters have never been large enough to be able to use them. 
  • Regular Bathtub – My typical go to spot. My back and knees don’t appreciate it though! Having to kneel on the floor while bathing just makes me want to hurry along the process so I can stand back up! Once my kids are old enough to sit in the tub all by themselves I don’t mind it AS much but when they are in the baby stages, trying to hold them up while washing is just NO FUN!
  • Showering With Baby – This I found to be the quickest way AND most efficient. My husband would hand me my baby while I was in the shower. I would quickly wash their bodies, rinse them and hand them back to my husband. It was quick BUT I was always worried they would slip out of my hands. PLUS, my husband HAD to be home for me to be able to bathe them this way! No way could I wash them AND MYSELF all while holding them! 

My Thoughts on the Primo Baby Charli Chair

Since showering WITH my babies was always my favorite, the Charli Chair is a PERFECT solution! I can still bring my baby in the shower with me, keeping water usage to a minimum. I do NOT have to bend over or kneel since the chair height is adjustable. I also love that they are able to stay warm with the water on them as well as being in a smaller warmer room for their bath.

Charli Chair

Keep Your Baby SAFE

No water builds up which prevents drowning! 

Bathing in a shower eliminates much of the risk of drowning that conventional bathtubs have for baby. According to reports, children ages 1-4 have the highest drowning rates. In 2009, amoing children 1-4 years old who dies from unintentional injury, more than 30% died from drowning in a bathtub.

Charli Chair

Details on the Charli Chair

  • Able to be used in places where only shower options are available
  • For ages 0-24 months
  • Made to hold up to 37lbs
  • 30-degree incline for newborns 
  • 45-degree angle for child who can sit up
  • Frame made of Zinc-treated steel making it rust-resistant and waterproof
  • 5 point harness
  • Easy to assemble
  • Non-Slip Seat and Rubber Feet
  • Holes in chair to prevent water build up

Charli Chair

Keep your baby safe while also saving your back and knees with Charli Chair! Check out other products by Primo Baby!

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