Road Trips With Pets

We love our EZDog products! When our puppies first came to live with us, we reviewed their harnesses, collars, and leashes. Fast forward five months and our little pups are ready to get out into the world! What better way to jump-start their adventures than to get them prepared with EZDog.

road trips

What better way to take a car trip than with EZDog’s Drive Dog Seat Cover! We love the fact that you can not only protect the seats from the dogs, but we also like that it has zippered sections for car seat buckles. Our daughter’s car seat fits nicely on the seat cover (which protects the car from her spills as well!), and the puppies still have plenty of protected space as well. Our dogs tend to get car sick, and we love that the seat cover is so easy to wipe clean.

road trips

The neoprene glove and the reflective webbing on the Handy Leash are winners for us! Paired with the EZDog harness the Handy Leash makes taking our dogs for walks in the evening safe and enjoyable. Our puppies like to pull when walking and the zero shock technology provide the comfort they need and the control that we need to continue to train them safely.

road trips

When we are on the go, it has been hard to find a dish that works well in the car – until now! The Drive Takeaway Bowls are just what we needed to reduce the water spills while on long car rides. The puppies can easily drink from the bowl without tipping it over. It also folds nicely to use while we are hiking.

road trips

Training our puppies has been both enjoyable and challenging. With EZDog’s Command Clicker training just got a little more rewarding for our puppies. The clicker fits nicely on one finger to allow for a very comfortable, hands-free approach to positive reinforcement training. Our dogs receive a click after completing a command, then they receive a “good job!” and a treat when they are finished. The Command Clicker is a consistent and effective way to reward them for their obedience.

road trips

Of course, puppies love to play – a lot! One of our pups loves to play fetch, and they both like to play tug of war with us and each other. The EZDog Beaver Tail is great for playing a game of chase and tug-of-war indoors – especially on rainy days when they aren’t running around the yard as much. It is a durable toy that can withstand the puppies’ constant need to chew on things. I love that it floats so you can toss it on land or in water!

road trips

EZDog products are the products that we rely on to train, travel, and safely take our dogs out into the world beyond our fenced in backyard. Thank you, EZDog for never disappointing us! 

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