Rick Thomas Magic Show Encourages to Dream BIG

Rick Thomas Magic Show in Branson, MO Keeps You on the Edge of Your Seat

DREAM BIG! At the Rick Thomas Magic Show, Rick Thomas uses real life stories mixed with jaw dropping illusions to illustrate a bigger message… to just DREAM BIG!

Rick Thomas Magic Show

Rick Thomas Magic Show Will Leave You Questioning Reality

From his amazing bird act to making things appear from thin air, Rick Thomas will push the limits of reality, leaving you questioning what your eyes really just saw. 

Sometimes you can watch an illusion and figure out how it was done. At the Rick Thomas Magic Show, figuring out how he did what he did is still to this day a mystery to everyone in my family. From my husband all the way down to my four-year-old, our brains still can’t comprehend how he made all the tricks happen!

Rick Thomas Magic Show

Music and Lighting

The music and the lighting helped create a very magical atmosphere. It was very professional looking, adding to the mystique of the show with glittery backdrops, colorful lights, and music to set each illusion. 

Rick Thomas Magic Show

The Illusions

From making a helicopter appear to cutting a woman into 8 pieces, the beyond impressive illusions seemed to become more and more mind blowing as the show went on! Rick was able to bring us back to his childhood with the tricks that his mother made him promise he would never take out of his show no matter how long he was in the magic business. 

Rick Thomas was encouraged to keep dreaming bigger and bigger. He went from nagging his mother to watch him perform simple little tricks in his living room to having his very own show with helicopters and motorcycles as props!

Getting the Audience Involved

Rick Thomas did a great job involving the audience in quite a few of his performances. The smiles on the children’s faces were an added bonus to the show! One little girl, in particular, was randomly picked from the audience to help make a table float. She ended her performance with an unexpected curtsey. It was the sweetest thing!

At one point, he allowed about ten guests from the audience to come on stage to watch one of his cast get cut into 8 pieces. The guests were able to inspect the case in which she was in before, during, AND AFTER the box was cut… leaving everyone baffled by how he made it happen!

Rick Thomas, his cast, and his special dogs stayed out in the lobby after the show for photos. 

Rick Thomas Magic Show

The Rick Thomas Magic Show… where the only thing bigger than the illusions themselves were the wishes of boys and girls all over the auditorium to be the next Rick Thomas.

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