Back to the 80’s With Today’s Technology

Retro Technology Meets Today’s Technology

I am an 80’s kid! I loved growing up in the ’80s. I tell my kids often that though they have more advanced technology than I did growing up, the ’80s were still far better! I still get nostalgic when I see toys from those great days!

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Some Great Days

One of the great marks of the ’80s was the ability to have your personal music collection in a way that was portable and accessible. No doubt, in today’s world with phones and MP3 players we don’t think too much about it. However, being able to take your music with you instead of huddling around a big family radio or a vinyl record player was a huge deal!

todays technology

Nothing highlighted this transition more than the traditional boom box. Those big speakers on each end with your choice of either live music from the radio or your favorite cassette tapes playing, made the ’80s come to life. For that reason, many of us, just couldn’t ever let go of our sacred cassette collection and the great music it contained. What if there was a way to combine this great icon of days gone by with the technology of today?

todays technology

Back in the ’80s with Today’s Technology Advances Mixed In

The Ion Boombox Deluxe Bluetooth Speaker has done just that. At first look, this great Boom box would have fit in on any street in the ’80s. It includes a sensitive AM/FM radio, dual 14-watt speakers with adjustments for both bass and treble to make sure your music sounds perfect, and of course a cassette player! Just like the one I use to have, it also has a built-in mic to record either song from the radio or from your surroundings. It really feels like and looks like we are back to the1980s with the Ion Boombox Deluxe Bluetooth Speaker (but with updated features from today’s technology)!

todays technology

Doesn’t Stop There

However, this Boombox doesn’t stop there. It also has all the technology to play any of today’s music as well. The Ion Boombox comes with Bluetooth capability to stream any music wirelessly through the speakers. Just in case you need a connection, it also has a USB port for playback as well. Probably my favorite feature of the Ion Boombox Deluxe Bluetooth Speaker is that it allows recording from cassette to a flash stick in the USB port, making archiving your favorite cassette tapes a breeze!

todays technology

So whether you are a kid of the ’80s with a cassette collection or a young teen with a load of digital music, this Boombox is sure to keep the great music thumping! Bring old school with a fresh new update with today’s technology!

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