Releasing Stress From the Holiday Frenzy

 Unwind and Start Releasing Stress From The Crazy Busy Life

Do you feel like you are spinning in circles yet? I am always feeling like that but as you can imagine, life gets more hectic come late October. Haloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years… bam, bam, bam, bam!!! Seems like every time I turn around once, there is another project, another party, somewhere else to be….. and shopping. Lots of shopping and parties this time of the year. Lines at the store, traffic backed up, unhappy cashiers, you name it! Releasing stress is a MUST. 

releasing stress

How do you release your stress? A massage sounds good to me but I sure can’t afford to go somewhere for a massage session every day, week, or even every month! I need a massage several times a day! I love my children far more than I could ever let them know but along with the sweet hugs, smiles, and giggles come bad attitudes, ungratefulness, and tears which adds stress to this mamma! So, how do I relax? A hot bath in the evenings are great but it isn’t practical every night especially during the busy times. Naipo Care massage products allow you an inexpensive way to relax those tight muscles caused by the stresses of life. Work on releasing stress with Naipo. Everyday massage at just ONE price! 

Naipo Wireless Eye Massager 

Whether it is just normal stress or even eye strain from staring at a computer screen day in and day out, our eyes need more rest than just the time we are sleeping. Did you know that even sleeping, your eyes are not getting rest? Yes, your eyes are closed but during REM sleep, it is estimated that our eyes reach up to ONE THOUSAND movements per SECOND! So, you need some relaxation for those weary eyes! 

releasing stress

The Naipo Wireless Eye Massager helps relieve eyestrain, puffiness, fatigue and the dreaded headaches! The massager offers three modes:

  • Sleep Mode – gentle massage
  • Medium Mode – consoling massage
  • Hard Mode – invigorating massage

releasing stress

The Naipo Eye Massager uses air pressure and tender vibrations to massage around the eyes. It does not massage the eyeballs… just the temples, Sibai points and sinuses. Heating up to 104 degrees gives the perfect relaxation to your strained eyes. 

The headband is adjustable so it will fit most any head. The batteries are rechargeable but seem to last long periods of time without having to recharge. I typically am able to enjoy numerous sessions without having to charge it.

releasing stress

A built-in speaker has prerecorded nature sounds. The sounds are optional with a completely different turn on button that allows you to make the choice if you want it turned on. 

releasing stress

You can get one HERE and enter the promo code FNXBESEB at checkout to receive 20% off!

Naipo Shiatsu Back and Neck Massager Deep Kneading Massage

Most of us carry our stress on our shoulders. Think about it, the moment you get nervous or stressed out, the first thing you do is tighten up the muscles in your neck! 

releasing stress

The Naipo Shiatsu Back and Neck massager is great for home or even for the car. Have a long trip riding shotgun with a driver who tends to ride the tail of every vehicle they come up behind? You may want (and need) a good neck massage before the end of the trip. The back and neck massager is rechargeable so you can use it for about two hours without it being plugged in making it perfect for travel. If you need more than a two-hour massage in the car, you may want to consider doing the driving next time or ride a bus! Ha!

releasing stress

Features include:

  • Hand free design
  • Long shoulder straps offer flexibility to move around while enjoying the massage
  • 8 deep-kneading Shiatsu massage nodes
  • Heat
  • Adjustable settings

You can find the Naipo Shiatsu Back and Neck Massager HERE. You the coupon code SVGWSLWX at checkout to receive $15 off.

releasing stress

Don’t start the New Year tense and stressed from the busy Holiday season. Enjoy the benefits of a home massage from Naipo.

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6 thoughts on “Releasing Stress From the Holiday Frenzy

  1. Honestly, I usually wind up just waiting for the Holidays to be over. The stress is real, lol. I’d definitely try these!

  2. This sounds very nice. I think it would help those of us that get sinusitis a few times a year as well since it heats up to 104 degrees. I don’t usually need temple massages though. I usually feel stress in my upper back or shoulders. A hot bath helps me and I also have a Thera Wand product that a physical therapist recommended I use to push in on and massage my tight muscles in my back. I would love to go to someone who does massages, but like you that is absolutely not in my budge.

  3. It is not in mine either… plus going for a massage is not very easy to fit in our busy schedule. I love how I can use these products to have a massage in my own home! I have a lot of sinus problems. The eye massager has been amazing!

  4. Yes, me too. I want it to hurry up and get over with but then I regret not soaking it all in and just enjoying the moment! That is hard to do sometimes though. I brought the eye massager to a friend this morning to try out and she ordered hers this afternoon! They really are great.

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