Relax Knotted Muscles With Naipo

 Relax Those Knotted Muscles!

Written by Cheryl

My family is spread across the US from Florida to California and Georgia to Illinois with points in between. This means I travel long distances in my car often. I love seeing my loved ones but my body does not like logging all those hours sitting in one spot. I suffer from a joint and muscle disease which makes sitting for long periods painful. Generally, my body takes days to recover from one of these long-distance trips. I have searched for ways to ease my pain and I am thankful to Naipo for making products that assist me in my quest for more comfortable travel.

knotted muscles

Naipo Heat/Cool Seat Cushion for the Car and Home

My last trip was thirteen hours one way. Normally, this would set me back for days. The day before my trip, my Naipo Seat Cushion with Heating and Cooling arrived at my doorstep. I was both excited to try it out but also cautious about it performing as well as it advertises. So the morning of my trip, I plugged the cushion into my car outlet and hoped for the best.

The Naipo Seat Cushion heats up quickly with two modes, high and low. The high temperature was a perfect way to start the trip. As I could feel my muscles reacting to the heat, I was able to drop the temperature to the low mode with just the touch of the control.

knotted muscles

Another wonderful function of this cushion is it has an adapter that allows me to take the cushion from the car to the house. For the first few hours after arriving, I am able to relax on the cushion while visiting with my family. The versatility of using it in both the car and a chair inside the house has made these long trips much more enjoyable.

I live in the South, so the choice of using heat or cooling modes is a plus during the long hot summers. When the Naipo Seat Cushion is on,  the cooling mode blows cool air through the seat cushion immediately. I was able to go from the heat mode to the cool mode with just a touch of the control pad. Using the cooling mode will make getting into a hot car safe and comfortable.

knotted muscles

You can find the Naipo Seat Cushion HERE! and use the coupon code LI7SVW99 to receive $10 off!

Naipo Shoulder Tapping Massager

Whether traveling or just experiencing a flare up with my disease, the Naipo Shoulder Tapping Massager with Adjustable Intensity has eased my tight muscles. The tapping in specific areas is amazing in breaking up my knotted pressure points. Being able to control the intensity of the tapping is key to the area where the pain is located. At times, my neck and shoulders are so tense I can not lift my arm. Placing the Tapping Massager on my shoulders at high intensity relieves the tightness. Using the tapping at low intensity on my lower back loosens the muscles after a day of gardening!

knotted muscles

You can find the Naipo Shoulder Tapping Massage HERE and use the coupon code MTFR2EZY to receive $10 off!

I am loving the combination of using both the Naipo Seat Cushion with Heating and Cooling and Naipo Shoulder Tapping Massager. My recovery time after my last long trip has been cut in half and helps me to look forward to my next trip. Thank you Naipo!

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  1. oh wow,,i really need this,,my back and shoulders stay in knots all the time

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