Relating To April the Giraffe

Over a million people sat glued watching April the Giraffe on YouTube for two months, STRAIGHT anticipating the arrival of new life. April did not have a visible audience. Only fans and critics alike saw her behind a screen for themselves or heard others talk about her.

April the Giraffe

These pictures are not actually of April. They are ones I took at a place called Lazy 5 Ranch in Mooresville, NC. This place is worth the drive if you are in or around North Carolina! We LOVE going there to see the many animals. The highlight each time for my kids is feeding the giraffes! 

You Are Being Watched

I can compare April to my own life and people worldwide. We have NO clue how often others are zoned in watching our lives. We even have some who hear about us from others only to make critical judgments.

April had fooled even the closest to her, her caregivers, who thought they had witnessed the conception two months before when the conception happened. She didn’t intentionally deceive them; they didn’t see everything behind closed doors.

The Fans and the Critics

Some, like myself, to be honest, didn’t understand what all the hype was about. I have friends who have watched since the very beginning. They have missed some, considering you have got to sleep sometime in two months, but they have watched as much as possible.

Do you realize you are the same as April? You have people who constantly watch your every move without you even knowing.

Some watch because they see a gem within you that you may not even understand. Others just want to be “in the know.” Then, of course, you have those who want to laugh about your life. They only care about you when they can find something to criticize or laugh about.

April the Giraffe

Of all those people, the ones who see the true gem inside will be the ones who will also be witness to those precious moments that others are either too busy to see or don’t care to see.

April was a nobody to most people.

Have you ever heard of April the giraffe before these last few months?! Did you even know there was a place called Animal Adventure Park?! I sure didn’t. You may not be rich or famous, but there will always be people watching.

April the Giraffe

April had a lot of attention. Many eyes focused on her, but it was not because of April. The focus was on her because there was something special inside her. It is taking a while (a LONG while) for those to SEE what that something special looks like.

Pain is Often What Forms You to YOU

April the Giraffe only knew that her mate, Oliver, and her caretakers were there. We may feel all alone, like no one cares. I’m thankful I have a God in Heaven who understands my life. He knows how all the pains and trials work together to make ME, ME!

April dealt with the pain. She was uncomfortable. She was even out of her normal environment….. all for this special thing inside her to one day be able to come to light. Those watching her might feel bad for her pain but could not FEEL her pain. All our pains are unique and very real.

Do you feel like you have been through the pain and suffering that this life seems to bring?! Do you feel like more people are criticizing you than cheering you on? It may take a while, but one of these days, you will finally get to see why you had to deal with the pain. The blessings will come. The pain may linger a bit, but once you see the blessing… you will quickly forget all the pain it brought you.

Keep holding on. Keep pressing forward. Let those who want to talk, talk. Stand tall and give it all you’ve got. Everything will make sense to you and those watching at just the right time!

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  1. And, April still hasn’t had her baby!!
    On a real note, I love this post and how it compares. We must be aware of our actions because people may be watching, and we do have a God that loves us at all times.

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