Quick Home Project Ideas for Winter

Quick Home Project Ideas for Winter

As the weather begins to change, you may be gently reminded that winter is arriving soon. During the winter season, your family may need some ideas to keep you busy with home improvement projects indoors.

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Since winter is the best time of year to get quick home projects done, I wanted to feature my list of some of the best indoor home project ideas to get you started.

Fix Family Items

Perhaps you’ve waited all summer to handle some indoor toy fixes or your spouse’s glass that broke forever ago. Now is the time to get those family items fixed up like new. Bondic can be used to fix your eyeglass frames and hold tight like super glue. Other family items that you can repair include cracks in your kids’ toys, and other household items that need a little dab of Bondic to bring them back to life.

Liven up Kitchen Décor

Are you feeling a change this winter season, but aren’t sure what to change? Consider adjusting your kitchen décor with a tile backsplash. This can be quite the fun DIY quick home project for winter. Simply select the backsplash colors you’d like, order them, and prep your kitchen to add a bit of color to liven up the heart of the home.

Fix up the Bathroom

Take a look around the bathroom and fix up those DIY home projects that were ignored during the warmer months. Check for leaks around the shower, toilet, and sinks. Look for cracks in the bathroom tile. Make a list of what needs to be done and get your handy dandy toolbox ready to tackle your fixer-upper projects in the family bathroom.

Patch Some Holes

Take a gander around the interior of your home to spot any holes in the ceilings, doors, or floors. Make a list of any patchwork projects you can complete during the winter season to make your home feel prettier. Whether you have kids or pets, we all know that accidents can happen so you must have some holes in the house to patch up from random falls, pokes with furniture, and so on.

Tighten up Drawers

Another quick home project idea for winter is to tighten up any drawers that have come loose in the home. This will usually involve the bathroom and kitchen area where most homes have multiple drawers used frequently. Tighten up the handles or knobs, and make sure the drawers can open with ease and without squeaks.

All About Bondic

Bondic works when glue won’t help, this bonding agent easily fixes nearly any surface, break, or problem around the home with a 4 step process. Just clean, cure, fill, and shape. This spectacular adhesive can be used on glass, plastic, wood, and many other surfaces. You’ll place Bondic on the item or surface you need to fix, shine the UV light on it for about 4 seconds, and voila! Everything is fixed!

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Unlike super glue, you don’t have to worry about sticking your fingers together or getting glue on your fingers. Bondic only cures when the included UV light is shined on this liquid adhesive, leaving you able to mold and shape Bondic onto the item you’re fixing without creating a mess.

This special adhesive is perfect to keep around the home to help with nearly every quick home project ideas this winter season. The bottle of Bondic won’t dry out, like other “glue” and is non-toxic so you can use it on items in the home that pets or kids come into contact with.

Now that I’ve shared a few of my quick home project ideas for winter and a new product that you must add to your toolbox of home fixer-upper tools, I’m confident you’ll be well on your way to finding projects to keep you busy during the cold winter season.   

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