Quality Yoga Equipment Makes a Difference

Benefits to Having the Right Yoga Equipment

Written by Lauren

I guess Yoga can mean something different for everyone. I’d heard about it, wondered about it, but I never practiced Yoga up until a couple of years ago. I practice Yoga simply for the health and relaxation benefits! Having great Yoga equipment helps me relax even more! 

Yoga Equipment

I have a LOT of pain and honestly, I don’t know where it all came from. I blame it on the trampoline we had growing up, simply because I’ve never had any outstanding trauma to my body… but I can’t image that jumping around on a black bouncing mesh thing did me any favors. As an adult, I began going to a chiropractor which helped me tremendously; however, I still had more pain than what I thought to be normal.

I’d heard of the health benefits of Yoga and how it uses stretching to help heal the body, so one day while walking around the store I decided to purchase a Yoga DVD. Let me tell you, that was the best $10 I’d ever spent!

Yoga Equipment

Within a couple of weeks, I could tell a difference in how much better I felt… I was sleeping better and I would wake up without any back pain. In general, my body wasn’t in the pain that I had become so used to the feeling… ALL. THE. TIME!

Aurorae Synergy Hot Yoga Mat

Yoga is SO relaxing, I truly enjoy doing it and would recommend to anyone. Keep in mind, that in practicing Yoga, a very big part of that is quality yoga equipment. Finding the right mat is SO important. You want a mat that will roll up easy for storage BUT NOT roll up in the middle of your yoga session! Trying to keep a yoga mat flat on the ground defeats the purpose of practicing the concentration and relaxation! You also want a mat that not only has a steady grip to the surface below you but also a mat that helps YOU keep your grip while practicing the different yoga positions.

Yoga Equipment

The Aurorae Synergy Hot Yoga Mat meets all my needs. I can roll it up to bring with me where ever I go, it lays flat on the ground without any curling on the edges, and the hotter I get, the more grip I grip I have. My sweaty hands do not slide on this special HOT mat! It is designed specifically for that! I love it!

First product of its kind that bonds out 5mm patented PER yoga mat as the bottom surface with our lush, non-slip microfiber towel at the top surface. 


Yoga Tote Bag

One great thing about Yoga is that I do not have to be at a gym or even in front of my TV to practice yoga. I can be in a park, I can be in my backyard, or even at a friend’s house. The Aurorae Synergy Hot Yoga Mat rolls up nicely but since I have one-year-old twins, I really needed something that would be great to carry my yoga equipment, hands-free!

Yoga Equipment

I can pack all my equipment into my Yoga Tote Bag, sling it over my shoulder and still have a hand for each child. I love that I can store the mat inside, along with my yoga clothes and towel with easy access but still secure with the magnetic snap closure. I can secure my more personal belongings like my wallet and cell phone inside the zipper pouches. 

Aurorae Aromatherapy Spritz

Last but not least, to truly relax, I love the Hawaiian Island Afternoon spritz. Getting relaxed and focused when having not just ONE, one year old but having TWO, one-year-olds can be a challenge at times. The spritz helps me relax and get focused in on my yoga! It makes me feel like I am on an island all by myself! 

Yoga Equipment

What kind of equipment do you use during yoga? Make sure you check out all the great products at Aurorae

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