Pros and Cons of Using Meal Delivery Services

Pros and Cons of Using Meal Delivery Services

While it seems impossible to watch television without seeing a meal delivery service ad, keep a few pros and cons in mind if you are considering them. Meal services such as Sunbasket and many others have become extremely popular. In a nutshell, spending on these services really depends on your lifestyle, budget, and eating habits.

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Pros of Meal Delivery Services

Learn New Techniques & Recipes

If you are someone that usually doesn’t cook or tend to make the same meals time and time again, taking advantage of meal delivery services will broaden your options and help you take on new skills. Every meal kit will come with various recipe cards for you to keep on hand. Once you recognize the ones you like, you can recreate them by purchasing the ingredients and following the recipe.

You’ll Eat Out Less

One of the biggest benefits of using a meal delivery service is that you can make meals that are considered restaurant-level right in your own kitchen. If you are someone that eats out a lot, a meal delivery service will save you money.

You’ll Reduce Food Waste

If you typically purchase more groceries than you really need, a meal delivery service can assist you with that. Meal delivery kits are portioned controlled. This means that you should not have any leftovers to waste, and no money wasted either.

Better Nutrition

Meal kits that come from meal delivery services are typically healthier than what you may purchase at a drive-thru on your way home. This is because meal kits contain ingredients that are fresh with no preservatives or additives. These meals are also balanced nutritionally, so you can supplement meal kits if you struggle with certain foods. This allows you to make sure you are receiving a nice assortment of grains and veggies.

Cons of Meal Delivery Services

The Cost

Even though the cost of a meal delivery service can vary, $10 seems to be the average price per person for one meal. This is probably more than you would spend purchasing your own groceries, but still less than eating out. Additionally, meal delivery services offer discounts when you order your first meal kit. However, you must remember to cancel your membership plan after your first meal kit, or you will continue to be charged. Or you may want to try out several kits before you decide whether you want to cancel or continue long-term.

Excessive Packaging

Aside from everything else that is included in the box, all ingredients are also packaged individually, along with cold packs. If you want to avoid an increase in carbon footprint from excess packaging, you must commit yourself to recycling.

Possibility of Disliking Some Meals

The biggest con of using a meal delivery service is that you may still run into a meal kit that you dislike even though you can pick out particular meals and ingredients. The only way to receive the most enjoyment and value from a meal delivery service is by having a palate that is adventurous with minimum dietary restrictions.

Still Have to go Grocery Shopping

The good news is that you can replace various weekly meals with meal kits. The bad news is that you will still need to make a few trips to your grocery store for additional meals and the remaining essentials. Meal kits only provide a supplement to your menu on a weekly basis, but they are not really a good replacement for your regular grocery shopping.

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