Pros and Cons of a Dental Night Guard for Teeth Clenching

If you catch yourself constantly clenching your teeth and keeping your jaw tense and tight during the day, there are high chances you’ll keep doing it at night. It appears that one out of every ten people clenches their teeth at night, during their sleep. This condition is known as bruxism and sleeps bruxism, in case you only clench or grind your teeth at night. Stress is believed to be one of the reasons people develop bruxism, but it’s also due to a combination of factors. 

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Genetic, psychological, and physical factors all contribute to the development of bruxism. But, until they pinpoint the exact reason why people develop it, you can do what you can to prevent further health issues from developing. On top of that, this will save your teeth from deterioration and help you sleep better at night. The most common treatment for bruxism is to wear a dental night guard. A dental night guard is a removable retainer you wear every night and we’ll go through the major pros and cons.

Pro – They are easy to use

It will take longer to pronounce bruxism or dental night guard than it takes to put a dental guard safely into your mouth. If you wore braces as a kid, this will take you back in time. A dental night guard is easy to use because you unjust have to place it over your teeth and in your mouth. They are made of lightweight material and you won’t have any issues handling them properly. They are also thin and discreet so you can even wear your mouthguard during daytime naps. If your nap is interrupted by delivery, the delivery person won’t even notice you have something plastic over your teeth. 

Con – It will take some time to get used to wearing a night guard

Even though a dental night guard can be customized and made of lightweight material, there are still some getting used to involved. It’s easy to use, but you may feel a slight discomfort at first. But, this is just temporary and it also depends from person to person. One person can tell you that they got used to it after a night, while the other one can tell you that they still struggle. Those who struggle a lot probably wear an off-the-shelf night guard and it doesn’t fit properly. Just remember to get over the discomfort and stay consistent until you get used to wearing it at night.

Pro – Teeth protection

The night guard will protect you from any further damage by minimizing the pressure you put on your teeth according to this good dentist in sun city. If you still clench your teeth and grind them, the dental guard will soften the pressure and reduce or minimize damage. Without the dental mouthguard, your teeth are under pressure and at risk of damage. You can chip your tooth, damage existing filling, or wear them down faster than you naturally would. The pressure also causes pain and headaches. So, by using a dental night guard you’ll reduce the pressure, pain, and discomfort and protect your beautiful smile.

Con – Poor fit can cause issues

While dental night guards are intended to fix your nighttime clenching, they can also be the cause of other issues. But, this only happens with dental guards that are sold as one size fits all. That’s why it’s always best to get a mouth guard for sleeping made based on your teeth impression. And these procedures are so advanced now that you no longer have to go to the dentist’s office, there are kits you can do at home. You’ll just have to mail the kit back to the dental laboratory or the shop that makes custom-made dental guards and receive a custom-made teeth guard that fits perfectly. If you are serious about your dental health and your sleep quality, choose a custom-made dental night guard.

Pro – You’ll sleep better

People who clench their teeth at night often suffer from headaches and jaw pain.  It isn’t surprising at all because you cause your muscles to tighten, and clench and you put pressure on your teeth, muscles, and bones. Until they get diagnosed with bruxism, people may spend years living with throbbing headaches without knowing that solution is rather simple. Luckily, the quality of your sleep will improve exponentially by each night. You’ll quickly feel the difference and start waking up energized and pain-free. The dental night guard will improve the quality of your sleep and you’ll wonder why you didn’t seek the solution earlier. 

Con – You might forget to put on a night guard before going to sleep

You might forget to wear it, you can misplace it if you don’t get into the habit of keeping the dental guard in its box, or you can lose it. So, you’ll have to get used to having one more step in your nighttime routine – putting a night guard in before going to sleep. The best way to not forget about it is to put it in your mouth right after you brush your teeth. This can also be a great tactic to stop nighttime snacking or eating. In case you misplace it, you’ll have to get another one. But these things are bound to happen at some point. 

Pro – It reduces pain

Pain reduction is the second most important thing about mouthguards. Without any doubt, the first thing is getting a dental night guard that is custom-made and the right fit. So, living pain-free and waking up without a headache or a painful jaw will be a change for the better and worth seeking treatment for bruxism. So, for anyone who’s living with a constant headache, a dental night guard will level up the quality of their life. 

Con – The wait time

If you’ve just been diagnosed with bruxism and expect the treatment to start immediately, you might be disappointed. You’ll have to wait some time until the dental guard is made to fit perfectly. Of course, we’re not talking about months, we’re just saying that you’ll have to wait a bit. 

Both pros and cons are important when we’re about to make a decision. We’ve equally discussed both equally and given you enough details to make the right decision and get the right dental night guard.

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