Property Solicitor Vs. Conveyancer

Property Solicitor Vs. Conveyancer

What is conveyancing? Every time a property gets transferred from one hand to the other is called conveyancing and this process can be conducted by the solicitor or the conveyancer. So now if you are thinking of starting the conveyancing process it would be better for you to understand well the basic differences between the solicitor and the conveyancer.


So that you can make a firm decision that goes well with your budget and risk level. There are many who fail to get into the details and thus experience unwanted issues later. Solicitors are the legal professionals who can provide you various services including civil or property related legal paper preparation, divorce case settlement and other business related issues. But conveyancer can offer you the complete property related solutions and they are dealing with residential and commercial properties. So, if you want to prepare your property documents or transfer the name or ownership of your property then it is better to hire the conveyancer.

What is the difference between a conveyancer and a solicitor?

Both the licensed conveyancers regulated by the council for licensed conveyancers and solicitors regulated by Solicitor Regulation Authority are completely insured and regulated. They will employ almost all identical conveyancing procedures and practices, in terms of handling your property transaction. However, let’s notify some of the remarkable differences.

  • Licensed conveyancers are said to be the specialist property lawyers who focus widely on residential properties and progress transactions on daily bases.
  • Whereas a solicitor is a lawyer with required qualification. They possess extensive knowledge and skills in plenty of aspects regarding the law. Solicitors can offer you legal services (according to your situation) such as divorce proceedings.
  • Involving a solicitor than a licensed conveyancer to conduct conveyancing may cost more. So, you need to decide that for what purpose you need the legal advices and then you can choose them according to your requirements.


Working with your solicitor or conveyance

  • Conveyancing includes plenty of vital paperwork which needs to complete within a stipulated timeframe. In case the conveyancer or the solicitor is not hard-working and efficient enough in sending the appropriate paperwork in the given time they can make considerable delay to the whole process. If you want a smoother process, then you can hire a qualified convincer and he or she can provide you full legal supports on daily basis.
  • Some conveyancers and solicitors can be tough to get any of your questions answered. Conveyancers are generally office based which indulges in better customer communication.

Budgetary considerations

Do you know why most of the clients tend to hire conveyancer over a solicitor? This is because hiring a conveyancer costs less than that of a solicitor. But you are advised to offer a low price to your conveyancer as they often have to take on a plenty of flies for a huge profit. Before you finalize your deal consider the importance of the cost effectiveness in the context of your property.

Complexity of the transaction

In case you hire a conveyancer and things go wrong they will make you visit an experienced lawyer. The benefit of hiring a solicitor lies in the extensive legal knowledge and they possess in most of the areas of Law. So, they are able to solve any type of complex issues that may get revealed during the transaction. When a transaction is becoming complicated and is at a risk you are required to exclude the purchased plans.

If you are about to sell your property it would be wise to hire a person to draft the contract of sale. Before you put your final signature on the paper make sure that your solicitor or conveyancer goes through the contract in details.

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