Prep for the Holidays With GE Appliances at Best Buy

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Kitchen Makeover With GE Appliances

Prepping your home to entertain friends and family over this upcoming holiday season can be exciting, yet stressful. Having up to date appliances will take off the stress so you can truly enjoy this holiday season. Best Buy’s experts are ready to show you the newest GE appliances and even share with you tips on how to get the best bang for your buck! As always, Best Buy offers unbeatable prices on all GE appliances!

GE Appliances

GE Appliances Beautify Your Kitchen

Updating your kitchen with the most modern styles will make cooking and baking even more enjoyable. Think of all the tasty new recipes you could perfect during these months while even taking pride in sharing your work of art! Think of how many amazing photos you can post showing off your Pinterest perfect recipes without old looking appliances in the photo background. Instead, everyone will see your brand new, beautiful GE appliances!

GE – a unified appearance that is easy to mix, match, and make all your own!

The very modern style adds a special touch to the beauty of your kitchen with the clean lines, minimal curves, and a streamlined look! 

GE Appliances

Aside from the looks of the GE appliances, the appliances are designed to best fit the needs of daily use. You would be crazy to buy appliances that look pretty BUT have poor performance. GE puts performance above all and then ties in an outstanding look, making the GE appliances the perfect choice for your home. 

GE Profile Gas Range

I can already smell my Thanksgiving Meal cooking in my kitchen. Typically, my stove top is cluttered with pots and pans when I am cooking larger meals such as Thanksgiving.

GE Appliances

The edge to edge cooktop of the GE Profile Gas Range gives far more space than a typical range! Oh, and it is also a convection oven! How perfect for all those yummy desserts that you will be baking up for the Holidays! I would totally be baking some delicious pumpkin pies!! YUM!

GE Keurig Kcup French Door Refrigerator

SERIOUSLY?! A coffee maker in the door of a refrigerator?! I’m in LOVE! Are there any other coffee lovers out there? If so, you REALLY need to check out the GE Profile Series Keurig Kcup Refrigerator! I love how the coffee maker is built right into the refrigerator door so it does not have to be hogging my already limited counter space. 

GE Appliances


Ready for more awesomeness? Not only are the features of these GE products the neatest thing, but they also have some incredible savings available right now at Best Buy on the GE appliances!

You can save up to $1,200 when you buy four or more GE Profile ar select GE appliances. Savings are based on the number of appliances purchased and whether you purchase any bonus models. You will receive a GE Appliances (GEA) Visa prepaid card with a value up to $1,200. Find out more details on these incredible savings by visiting HERE! 

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23 thoughts on “Prep for the Holidays With GE Appliances at Best Buy

  1. Love this place and always get good deals on appliances and even got my printer from there

  2. I love Best Buy! I buy all of my electronics there, but have never bought any appliances there before. I am definitely going to do that the next time I need one though! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Beautiful kitchen appliances. I especially love the oven . The addtion of the grill top makes it more univeral.

  4. I am in the market for a new fridge! I think my current one is going to die before the end of the year and this sounds like a nice replacement.

  5. I replaced all of my kitchen appliances a few years ago. It makes the holidays so much easier and I love the bottom freezer on my fridge. GE makes the best appliances and Best Buy has awesome deals.

  6. I am in desperate need of a new stove! Our handle broke on ours… I will be looking at this stove in particular!!

  7. Best Buy is like two and half hours away for us. They do have some great looking appliances to choose from.

  8. Oh, that stinks! They DO deliver. So, especially if you plan to get several appliances… delivery may be a great option with all that you would save during this sale!

  9. I am totally in love with their fridge… I mean, a Keurig in the door… how much better can it get?!

  10. These are all gorgeous! I would love to update all of my appliances, maybe as a Christmas present this year!

  11. We bought our appliances at Best Buy over ten years ago. I’m sure one day when we want to upgrade, we’ll be heading back there to check out what is new. These look amazing.

  12. How have I never heard of a Keurig KCup refrigerator? I love the idea of combining my fridge and my Keurig.

  13. I need all new appliances and I have been to look at them at Best Buy. GE is a very good brand and I will probably end up with some of these in my new kitchen.

  14. It will definitely be nice to have one of those ranges for all of the different dishes we have to make on the holidays. The refrigerator is awesome too!

  15. I would love to be able to upgrade my appliances for the holidays but I just don’t see that happening any time soon. I have always been a fan of GE though!!

  16. Wow, I had no idea GE had such a great range of appliances. I’m sure my in-laws would love the GE Profile Series Keurig Kcup Refrigerator!

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