When Praying Doesn’t Work

When Praying Doesn’t Work


I’m just like the next “good Christian girl”. I’ve heard all the cliches all of my life:

when you don’t know what to do… just pray about it

When life gets hard… pray- God will help you thru

Gotta bill that’s due and no money… pray that money in!

But… what do you tell the person who has labored in prayer. They’ve done everything “right”. And God still refuses to answer?

Waiting on God is a lonely place to be.


Prayers seem like empty words mocking me as they bounce off the ceiling.

Laughing at me as they fall flat.

I fall flat…

Like the thousand times before – God won’t answer my prayer.

Maybe if I fast, spend my lunch time in prayer, then God will look down and grant me my request.

If I buy school supplies for the orphans – surely that will bring a reply …



Then the evil one begins to taunt me.

Same as he has since his stunt in the garden.

Funny how we have fallen for the same trickery for generations. That sly one, he needs not change his game – it still works like a charm.

I buy into his lies.

If God really loved you he would take that pain away…

If God really had all power – why does He not move that insurmountable heap of stone and make your path clear?


Did He not promise to be a light to your path… where is He when you need Him…?

A still small voice booms a reply so faint I almost miss it…

“I Am”

Two words

That’s it

Shame floods me.

Did the begotten Son not pray a prayer?


Father didn’t answer Him either…

Son asked of His Father to take away the bitter cup He must bear.

Father had no reply

Yet, had Father answered and given into The Beloveds request where would that leave me

I would have to taste that bitter cup.

Still Small Voice whispers once more.

Sometimes prayer doesn’t work because … I Am.


He’s working.

In the background.

All. The. Time.

I don’t see it, I may never.

But He is.

He promised – He’s working all things together for my good … even when prayer doesn’t work.


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3 thoughts on “When Praying Doesn’t Work

  1. We’ve all been there, for sure. As my Mom always told me, God answers all prayers, but sometimes the answer is No. That can be hard to accept.

  2. I have been praying for one thing for many years. I don think the answer is no, I just keep thinking maybe others have more pressing prayers. I am hoping whatever youre praying for comes about. It is tough when it feels like things are just spiraling.

  3. sometimes the answer is no,,,but i will continue to pray for the strength to be able to get through what it was that didnt happen

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