Celebrating “Music in Our Schools” With Casio’s New CT-X700 Portable Keyboard

Celebrate Music with Casio’s New CT-X700 Portable Keyboard

Music is such a vital part of life. It can affect our moods or bring back a flood of memories when “that song” comes on the radio or plays at the mall. In recognition of the importance music plays in our lives, March has been designated as “ Music in our school month.” This nationally recognized holiday helps promote the importance of music education among children and encourages them to get involved musically and develop their talents.

Celebrating Music

Casio, a leading developer and manufacturer of electronic musical instruments, is dedicated to this cause and as a result of that commitment has donated instruments to schools and music programs all over the country!

Celebrating Music

The New Casio CT-X700

Recently, we received one of these instruments, the Casio CT-X700 portable keyboard. Now, I must admit my husband is the musician of our family. While we got this keyboard for our boys, I think he enjoys it as much as they do!

Celebrating Music

With an amazing price point of $179.99, the CT-X700 is loaded with features that both kids and seasoned musicians can enjoy.

portable keyboard

These features include Casio’s New AiX Sound Source. With the push of a few buttons, your piano sound can be transformed into a wide variety of instruments. From piano to drums, guitars to woodwinds, harps to trumpets, the wide-ranging sound bank allows for amazing fun and creativity.

Celebrating Music

Step Up Lesson System

For the beginner, the CT-X700 also features a Step Up lesson system which allows even beginners to learn how to play using its LCD display to show proper finger position and notation!

Celebrating Music

Six Track Recorder

One of my kids (and husband’s) favorite features is the built-in six-track recorder. This allows the user to record multiple takes of the same song playing together to create a full band effect, all created by the user! It literally turns a musician into a one-man band!

Celebrating Music

Great No Matter the Age

Whether a beginner or a seasoned pro looking for a great keyboard with an even better price, the Casio CT-X700 portable keyboard is a perfect choice! With all of its features, you will be making amazing music in no time at all! 

Celebrating Music

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19 thoughts on “Celebrating “Music in Our Schools” With Casio’s New CT-X700 Portable Keyboard

  1. Learning music was always one of the things i wanted to as a child which never happened. But my niece plays really well

  2. That is a great price point for a keyboard, especially such a nice brand. I think it makes the perfect introductory instrument to piano and keys.

  3. My cousin have a piano like that when we were little and she lets me play with it. I hope my son will have an interest in playing some instruments in the future.

  4. Oh wow, This looks perfect. My kids always wanted to learn how to play a keyboard and I am actually looking for one. This may be a great brand.

  5. Learning how to play a musical instrument is so important. My eldest is currently learning to play the flute and she loves it!

  6. This sounds like a great keyboard. My kiddos have a keyboard and a ukulele that we use for music in our homeschooling. I think it’s important for kids to learn music.

  7. I had one of these when I was at school and it was awesome. Nice starting at this age by the way!

  8. A great keyboard is a good idea to have in the house. Children who are naturally inclined to it will learn to play.

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