PlasmaCar Puts Kid’s Energy Into Action

PlasmaCar – Solely Kid Powered

How is it that kids have SO much energy?! I need about half of their energy! Energy is a great thing… most of the time. All the energy that builds up when kids have to sit at a desk for hours upon hours at school. When my kids get home, I typically send them outside to play. For my sake AND their’s, burning some of that built up energy is necessary to keep our house running smoothly. The PlasmaCar is an incredible way to get a child’s energy out!


About the PlasmaCar

Riding a bike can be difficult for a toddler since there is a lot of coordination needed to pedal and steer all at the same time. The PlasmaCar has absolutely no gears or pedals. Also, there is not a single battery aboard the PlasmaCar. How in the world does it work then!? It works solely on centrifugal friction, friction, inertia, and all that energy kids have. Kids (and even adults up to 220lbs) can control the PlasmaCar simply with shifting the handle back and forth. This allows even the youngest of riders to ride without the help of mom and dad! 


The seat itself even has its very own patent. The special seat provides a safe, comfortable place to sit all while protecting them from tipping while riding! Since the PlasmaCar is low to the ground, this allows rider (especially the littlest riders) to stay much safer if a fall DID occur.


My Thoughts

As a child myself (and I am now 36 years old, so it has been a while), I had something very similar. We would ride it all the time at my grandparents. The idea behind it was similar but the style itself was much different. We would tip it over all the time.


My kids have ridden these all over the place on the PlasmaCar without tipping them at all. Even while leaning from one side to another, my son never tipped. The wheels are much bigger and more spread out which gives the PlasmaCar a much smaller chance of tipping over. My ten year old even rode it down a hill without any problems! The safe seat has made a huge difference! 

The PlasmaCar is fun for ALL ages! Even some of our teenagers (my husband is a youth pastor), had fun racing each other! We won’t say who won but let’s just say these two sisters are extremely competitive.

PlasmaCar I also love that my kids are using up energy while playing on the PlasmaCar. A lot of children’s play toys typically work the leg muscles. The PlasmaCar focuses a lot on the upper body. 

Get the kid’s out and moving (and even mom and dad can join in on the fun)!

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9 thoughts on “PlasmaCar Puts Kid’s Energy Into Action

  1. I am a fan of toys that get kids outside and moving and leaving behind the computer games for awhile.

  2. These are so nice. I love that it will hold 200 pounds. I also really like that there is no battery to worry about. This would definitely be fun and help use up some of that pent up energy for our little ones. Thank you so much for sharing. God Bless

  3. My nephew has one of these and my kids had the best tie when they were visiting him playing on it.

  4. This little car looks like so much fun! I love the idea of no peddles.

  5. What a great way to get kids outside and active! I’d love to try this as I’ve loved the idea behind Plasma Cars but I’d never get out after scrunching myself up in it! LOL

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