Time for Picnics, Cookouts, Days at the Park, Beach and More!

Picnic Essentials and Other Summer Necessities

‘Tis the season for picnics, cookouts, days at the park, beach and lake trips, and sports events. Thirty-One offers an array of products that can be used to transport food and beverages, as well as toys, books, and towels. Like all of the Thirty-One products, there are limitless possibilities for nearly every product.

picnic essentials

I have a few favorites for our family to use while we enjoy various events and activities this summer:

The Perfect Party Set – Goin’ Gingham

The Perfect Party Set includes enough space to hold two 9” x 13” casserole pans inside of the two interior water-resistant thermal compartments, as well as an exterior pocket to house extra utensils, napkins, or dry ingredients to be added later. It is a perfect take along for cookouts and picnics!

picnic essentials

Not that anyone tries taking home items that belong to others when you get together for a group party or picnic, but it happens. There is no mistake as to who this casserole carrying case belongs to, it has my name very visible! I love the personalization on this!

picnic essentials

Large Utility Tote – On The Spot

The Large Utility Tote is perfect for days on the water – use it to hold towels, water toys, bathing suits, and goggles. One of the coolest things about this tote is that it has grommets that allow you to attach a Pocket-A-Tote for storage of smaller items like keys and cash. You can also add a Top-A-Tote that will enable you to easily stack the totes if you have more than one or would like to better protect the items in your bag.

picnic essentials

You can fit SO much into this one bag. Check out the stitching and heavy-duty fabric they use! It not only can hold a lot due to space but it also can hold a lot because of how durable it is!

picnic essentials

Organization Service

The Getaway Tote – Cabana Stripe

The Getaway Tote is a stylish, lightweight, canvas bag. Whether you are enjoying a day on the water, playing at a park, or heading to a cookout, this tote can house various items in an organized way.

picnic essentials

It has three pockets – two interiors and one exterior – that allow you to use it as an oversized purse when attending events or to go on day trips with the family. It is perfect for storing books, towels, extra clothes, or snacks.

picnic essentials

Crossbody Thermal Tote – Goin’ Gingham

Are you planning to take a lot of day trips this summer? I know that we are! Just add your favorite snacks and drinks, along with some ice packs, into the Crossbody Thermal Tote from Thirty-One, and you will be set. Are you heading to a picnic? This tote makes transporting cold food in the heat a breeze!

picnic essentials

Thanks to Thirty-One, we can travel to the beach, pool, park, and get-togethers in style this summer! What other uses can you come up with for these products? The possibilities are endless!

picnic essentials

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9 thoughts on “Time for Picnics, Cookouts, Days at the Park, Beach and More!

  1. I love the cute designs and the items can be personalized. I definitely need to get the Fresh Market Thermal – Charcoal Crosshatch and the Picnic Thermal Tote – Dragonfly Daze

  2. I love going to the beach, having picnics and all these fun summer activities. These totes are just perfect for this. I love all the different styles to choose from. So nice. Thank you so much for sharing these

  3. We love going on picnics, even if it just in our backyard! For some reason it is just so exciting for the kids! πŸ™‚ These are definitely the essentials, love those personalized bags!

  4. We go to the beach or to an outdoor concert at least twice a week in the summer so all of these items would be extremely useful.

  5. I love the The Perfect Party Set – Goin’ Gingham. That would come in real handy this summer. We go camping and to the beach a lot so we could use that.

  6. This would definitely come in handy in the summer when you have lots of utensils (forks, knives, spoons, napkins, etc) to being outside.

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