Picking the Perfect “Take Me Home” Baby Outfit

Feltman Brothers “Take Me Home” Baby Outfit

Bringing a sweet, snuggly baby home from the hospital is a dream! One thing that most moms plan in detail, is finding the right coming home outfit. Finding that perfect outfit that is simply adorable for the many photos taken when leaving the hospital and first arriving at home for the very first time is so important. Making sure that the outfit looks perfect and fits comfortably can be difficult. Feltman Brothers offer an array of “take me home” outfits that are picture perfect while still being perfectly soft for your newborn! An added bonus is that they offer matching blankets and hats!

baby outfit

Boys Collar Knit Longall with Hat

One of the many adorable take home outfits offered by Feltman Brothers is the Boys Collar Knit Longtail with a matching blue hat. The outfit is a baby blue, knit one-piece outfit. It is also available in white if you prefer to stay clear of the soft blue color. 

The pointed collar features a simple white lining for an added touch. On the front, the upper section of the outfit, three petite buttons are perfectly placed to dress up the Collar Knit Longall. At the bottom of the sleeves and pant legs, there is a ribbed section. From the collar down the entire front, you will find a classy cable and pointelle knit detail that completes the outfit. 

baby outfit

Diamond Pointelle Knit Blanket

I am loving this knit baby blanket. It continues the soft knit material that the outfit is also made out of. The blanket has a classy diamond pointelle design that compliments the design of the matching outfit. Aside from the blue, the Diamond Pointelle Knit Blanket is also available in white and pretty pink. 

Perfect for a baby bassinet, carriage, or swaddling your precious bundle of joy.

Babies tend to be on the cooler side when they are first born since they are used to a warm environment prior to birth. Regardless of the time of the year that your baby is born, an outfit like this one will keep them warm during the many temperature changes they will face when leaving the hospital. The blanket can be taken on and off, as needed if it is an extra warm day outside. 

baby outfitbaby outfit

Are you looking for a perfect “take me home outfit” for your little one? Make sure you check out all of the beautiful baby outfits Feltman Brothers offers.

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