How to DIY Beautiful Photo Frame: 5 Easy Ways

How to DIY Beautiful Photo Frame: 5 Easy Ways

Photo frames are parts of every home. You can even see them as part of the décor in coffee shops or hair salons. They make everything personal, warm and welcoming, building an instant trust between you and space.

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However, they come in different shapes, colors and sizes. In our homes, they cover walls, nightstands, shelves. Usually, serve to hold the pictures of our loved ones and our portraits. Sometimes, they can frame artistic forms like something our kids drew and prints of famous paintings. Additionally, frames are very common for valuable items like a butterfly collection, coins or postage stamps.

The oldest frame is the wooden one holding a Fayum mummy portrait in an Egyptian tomb presuming to date back to 2nd century A.D. The frames were so significant through the history that they were fitted in the architectural details which were especially visible in church-commissioned works.

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Medici family is considered to be the first who dared to use frames beyond the church property. Since in the 16th-century art practically flourished, so did the frames. From then on, frames changed styles and materials and today they can even be digital. Alternatively, they can also be an excellent DIY project so here are some ideas for beautiful photo frames.

1. Add a personal detail

You can buy photo frames almost anywhere. If you’re not so crafty, you can still add some details and turn the boring frame into an interesting one. The main ingredient for this purpose will be some glue and anything that comes to your liking in the store.
For example, buy some artificial flowers of your liking. Cut the buds so they are flat underneath. If you bought smaller ones, glue a few on the edges of the frame, or one if you chose the big flowers. Don’t go overboard and glue every edge, one will be enough.
Also, make sure that your flower decoration doesn’t cover the picture itself. The color should match the decor of your home but if you’re unsure you can always choose white flowers since they’ll match with everything.

2. Turn old into new

If you found a bunch of old frames on a yard sale or flea market with some artistic paintings inside, you can easily turn them into new and modern frames. Usually, this kind of frames didn’t have glass and the painting was completely exposed.

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In order to turn it into something different, you have to decide if you want to keep the painting inside or not. Usually, it’s glued to the frame and you might need to cut them out and replace them with a wooden board. If it’s covered with glass, you can simply remove the painting and replace it with your picture. Then cover the glass with masking tape completely.

The next step is to use paint and richly spread it over the whole frame. Also, spray paint is a good solution but it can also make you apply too much. You can add some details with a thin brush and other color if you want, too. Let it dry for 24 hours and you’ll have a modern frame to perfectly fit your walls.

3. Rustic frame for natural design

Of all the DIY projects here this might seem like the easiest one, but don’t take this endeavor too lightly. If done correctly and with patience, you can have a long lasting frame to serve generations.

First of all, you can build a one-picture frame or a big one of several of them. That’s up to you and the interior design of your home. The process remains the same for both choices.
Buy high-quality wooden boards already cut in the appropriate measures. Use sandpaper to soften the edges and make them look less sharp. If needed, use the sandpaper on the rest of the surface to obtain smooth and even base to apply paint.

Paint them darker brown and wait to dry. For the finish, add lacquer to protect the wood so it would last longer. Connect several boards together with screws and supporters so you can also easily hang it on the wall. Then take all the photos you want and just simply pin them to the frame. This way you’ll get a perfect rustic frame for your home or even cabin.

4. Frames from the future

You can create modern and futuristic frames with materials like acrylic glass. However, this type of frame gets its flair from details like lights and some embellishments. To quote Azoogi lighting consultants: “Right lighting can bring out the best elements of your environment.”

For example, take an acrylic glass and use masking tape one centimeter from the edges. Paint those edges silver so that you create a frame on the acrylic glass. Remove the tape after the paint is dry and use glue dots to fix the picture on the acrylic glass.

Place LED lights behind to get that more futuristic feel. Additionally, the lights will also put the photo more on display so you can consider using it as the centerpiece. Especially, if you decorated your home in minimalist style.

5. Make it a family project

If you’re looking for new ways to spend with your family than DIY frames are perfect to make with your kids. Not only they’ll have fun, and you as well, but will also bring fresh imagination to the process.

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This means that you can use materials like thick paper in all styles and textures, sparkles, glitter, artificial flowers and even plasticine. Use some cheap picture frames you can buy in any store since it will be easier for the kids, especially if you do this the first time.

Then start creating shapes and decorations which you’ll all glue to the frames. You can even place the seashells waiting in the jar to be put to good use. This way you will have a really unique photo frame and quality time with your family.

6. Lastly

Every DIY project has its challenges, but the benefits outweigh the troubles. In the end, you will have not only a fine decoration for your home but something personal and satisfying. Remember, all you need is patience and quality materials. After all, it’s allowed to make mistakes since they’re excellent teachers and make us better craftsmen. 

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