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Enjoy browsing through My Four and More’s 2019 Christmas Pet Gift Guide. 

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Soap Cauldron Puppy Tails Soaps

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Don’t forget your pups (and those dogs that think they are pups) this Christmas! Soap Cauldron introduces Soapy Tails! Soapy Tails is a more natural way to groom your dogs. Their soap is made fresh to be sure to provide you with a mild, yet ultra cleaning soap. The bars last for multiple washes and provide the best and least harmful ingredients to care for your dog’s skin and coat. The gift sets include a balm to help protect their paws or coat tamer. The coat tamer leaves the dog’s coat shiny and soft.

Mirage Pet Products

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Is your dog ready for his or her holiday photo shoot? If you want your furry friend to look even more adorable for this year’s holiday photo, look no further than Mirage Pet Products. Dress your dog in a Lazy Elf hoodie, or if that isn’t your pets cup-of-tea, dress them up with a festive Santa’s Belt collar with a matching Santa’s Belt leash. Not only will your pup look festive, but all Mirage products that are sold help support the company’s humanitarian efforts near and far.

Capabunga Totes  

Having a tote is one thing but having a sturdy tote is golden. You don’t want to deal with all your groceries tumbling out of the bag as it rips from the weight inside. So, a heavy duty tote is your best bet. The totes from Capabunga will amaze you with how heavy duty they truly are. They come in a variety of sizes to fit the task at hand. Whether you are carrying the dogs toys, groceries, or camping supplies, Capabunga has just the right tote you need. Plus, they have some super cute designs on them!

First Saturday Lime  

Spring will be here before you know it. Mosquitos and other pesky insects will be creating some real aggravation before you know it. Gardens will be planted. Your pets and children will be spending more time outside. So, what can be done about those nasty bugs that would also be safe for your family, pets, and garden? First Saturday Lime! Available in 5 or 20 lb bags, First Saturday Lime treats ants, fleas, ticks, lice, mites, aphids, small hive beetles, mosquitoes in water and more. It also can be used for control of algae growth in water bowls, pans, troughs, bird baths, and more. Go ahead and get ahead of the bugs with First Saturday Lime.

Mirage Pet Products

Your fur family is going to be elated with these new toys from Mirage Pet Products! Let’s just be honest, our fur babies can put on quite the pout fest when they feel left out. Mirage has everything you’ll need to slide under the tree for your favorite pet. Collars, toys, beds, and more – Let Mirage be your one-stop-shop for your furry babies. I promise you’ll get lots of wagging tales and purring snuggles when they tear into their gifts this year! 

America’s Top Dog Model Calendar 

Do you have a dog lover on your list? Everyone will need a new wall calendar for 2020. How about the “America’s Top Dog Model Calendar”? This calendar is full of adorable photos of dogs dressed their best. Some of the pictures will give you a giggle while others will make you say “awe”. Kick in 2020 with some organization and cuteness overload!

Pet Waves for Cats & Dogs

It has been proven that let’s who have music playing are less likely to suffer from anxiety of being left alone for hours on end while their owner is at work. Pet Waves for cats and dogs is available on CD or can be bought online to download to your device. The calming sounds designed specifically for dogs and cats will keep your dog or cat calm and secure feeling while you are away!


Rinsing your pet, your child, or even just rinsing the shower after cleaning it can be a hassle. Detachable shower sprayers often result in water leaks from constantly pulling the sprayer off the wall. With Rinseroo, the extension comes off of the water spout, not the showerhead, making it much safer on the pipes! The attachment stretches easily to allow it to fit most fixtures yet it will close tightly to prevent any water from leaking. The Rinseroo makes rinsing the shampoo from a pet or small child’s hair so much easier!

Dog Mama


There are six different types of Dog Mamas. Which are you? Dog Mama will discuss all six types and focus in on the Mama who loves dogs but loves style and fashion. Find out how to make your home dog-friendly while keeping an in-style look. Serena will share how to capture Instagram-worthy photos of your pup and she even shares healthy treat recipes! It’s a guide to raising a dog in a fashionable world. 

EcoKind Pet Treats  

Who has a doggie that loves to chew… on anything and everything? Always be sure to have something GOOD for them to chew on so they do not find shoes or furniture to be their chew toy. EcoKind Pets has a variety of products that will keep a dog focused on chewing only what is allowed… tasty treats from EcoKind.

Heed Foods Dog Food & Toppers

Selecting the proper dog food can prolong the life of your pet and even keep them healthier for longer. Cheap filler foods will give you cheap results. Look for pet foods, such as Heed Foods dry dog food, that are made more naturally. Aside from the dry dog food, they also sell toppers which is placed on top of their food to add more flavor and nutrients.

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