Perfect Earbuds for Winter Weather Work

 Perfect Earbuds for Winter Work

Winter has been in full force around our neck of the woods. Typically, we do not get very much snow (maybe 2 inches or so through the entire winter). This year, we have already had close to a foot of snow and we are only half way through winter! Crazy weather! For us, snow is FUN but it also means there is work to be done. Sometimes unexpected snow adds some random (and not so fun) jobs to be accomplished. Any task is more enjoyable with music through a set of perfect earbuds! 

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Since the weathermen were calling for just a trace to an inch of snow followed by a day in the 40’s, we were NOT expecting to be snowed in for several days with a total of eight inches of snow. My husband also was not expecting our church’s parking lot to still be covered a couple days after the snow fell. He has been working hard getting the shaded areas to be shoveled and salted to prepare for church on Sunday. Using the Jaybird RUN Earbuds has made the work a little more enjoyable. Here are a few reasons that the Jaybird Run Earbuds were the perfect fit for the job!

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No Wires

When you are working, you do NOT need wires hanging in the way. Shoveling snow is a tough job, as it is. The last thing you need is to be constantly worrying about knocking the wires as you work. Wireless earbuds are the way to go with all physical activities!

Perfect Fit

Not only are the Jaybird RUN Earbuds wireless, but also, they come with multiple tips and fins that can be customed for a perfect fit! 

Fast Charge Option

Unexpected jobs, like my husband encountered, made the quick five-minute fast charge our favorite feature! We both forget (all the time) to charge up our earbuds. The fast charge option gives you a full hour of listening time with just five minutes of charging. You can’t beat THAT! 

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Sweat-Proof and Water Resistant

Shoveling snow is just as much of a workout as running is! My husband was sweating within just a few minutes of working hard on clearing the parking lot. The Jaybird RUN Earbuds were perfect earbuds for the job. They are sweat-proof AND water resistant. He had no concerns about ruining his earbuds from the sweat and was even able to use them while riding my boys on the four-wheeler as the snow was falling on Wednesday! 


As my husband was shoveling and driving the four-wheeler over the last couple days, I was able to get in touch with him anytime I needed him. The Jaybird RUN Earbuds are easy to use for answering calls when you need to be hands-free. Of course, my husband loves using them to listen to music while he works but loves that he can use them for answering calls even in the middle of a tough task! 

One Bud Option

While on the four-wheeler, my husband needed to be able to listen to the kids while still having access to incoming calls. Jaybird RUN Earbuds provide the option of using ONLY the right earbud to allow him to hear his surrounding (in this case, my children). 

perfect earbuds

Whether you are exercising, shoveling snow, or even shopping in Walmart, the Jaybird RUN Earbuds are pretty perfect earbuds for any task!

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3 thoughts on “Perfect Earbuds for Winter Weather Work

  1. These sound like what I have been looking for to get my youngest daughter. She’s a work out fanatic, and I do not say that in a negative way. But she also loves her music. I have been looking around when I would see earbuds but wasn’t sure exactly what to get. These sound perfect. Thanks for s great review.

  2. Wow, these definitely sound like the perfect earbud! I love all of the amazing features! I have never owned a wireless pair before, and I love that you can also answer calls with them as well. 🙂 Thank you so much for sharing!

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