4 Old-School Skills Your Teens Should Learn Before Moving Out

4 Old-School Skills Your Teens Should Learn Before Moving Out

Some skills were ones that were taught to almost all teens for decades. Then, something changed. It wasn’t an overnight change, but a gradual transition. These “old-school” skills might not be exactly in vogue at the moment, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t still useful. Teach your teens these skills before they move out.

Old-School Skills

Read a Road Map

Thanks to GPS technology on things like smartphones, it can seem foolhardy to use road maps. However, devices can fail and GPS can be spotty in more rural regions. That’s why it’s always good to have roadmaps as a backup option. Unfold one and take a look at it with your teen. Ask them how they would navigate to a certain destination. Thanks to highways being labeled, it shouldn’t be too hard. At least, it shouldn’t be any harder than folding the maps back up.

Old-School Skills


If your teen tears a shirt, do they just throw it away? That can be very wasteful and demonstrate shortsightedness. Sewing isn’t just a way to mend a garment; it’s also a great way to express fashion sense. Techniques like being able to incorporate applique embroidery can make their clothes all the more exciting. You can even make it a great family project to embroider old clothes and blankets.


When we go to the store to pick out fruits and vegetables, we take for granted the journey they took to get there. Not only is there the journey from the farm to the store, there’s also the journey from seed to sowing. With gardening, your teen can gain a true appreciation for all the work that goes into bringing produce to life. It’s time-consuming but also incredibly satisfying.


Write a Check

Debit cards might have taken over checks as the primary means of taking funds out of a checking account. However, there are times when your teen will need to write a check, such as paying rent. Show them how everything works, from filling out the recipient to writing the amount.

There is no skill here that shouldn’t be learned. Even if your teen rebuts with more modern alternatives, you can still them why they should these skills. It can help them in a bind and save money. Plus, it’s incredibly satisfying to be able to do something that few others can. With these skills, you can teach your teen to have pride in themselves and their abilities.

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