Non-Traditional Spring Break Ideas

Non-Traditional Spring Break Ideas

Taking a trip over spring vacation is a rite of passage for many college students. In today’s economic climate, however, those lavish trips to warm and sunny climates that were once the norm may not be as financially possible as they once were. That means that it’s necessary to get a bit creative in order to come up with some fun but more budget conscious trip ideas. These suggestions are definitely off the beaten path, so you’re not likely to find huge crowds at these places, and even if you decide to do an adventure type of trip, you may be able to get accommodations and transportation at the last minute without any problem.

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Here are some ideas that can help you think outside the box.


A camping trip can be the perfect escape. For someone who is very stressed out and needs to get away from the chaos of everyday life, a camping trip to a remote place where there aren’t computers, cell phones or televisions may be the perfect way to relax, decompress and de-stress. A camping trip, depending on how willing you are to rough it can be very inexpensive. Campgrounds don’t charge much at all for camping spaces, and many even have bathrooms and showers that they allow the guests to use.

Fishing Trips

If you want to go fishing, you can go just about anywhere to do this. Minnesota is the land of ten thousand lakes. You can fish in rivers, or go to a place like the outer banks of North Carolina or some great fishing hole along the west coast. You may even be able to find actual fishing lodges where you can stay in comfort and get meals that are prepared to you, including fresh fish every day. They will often take you out to the places where fishing is best. You can always fish in any of the Great Lakes.

A Road Trip

If you can’t afford to leave the country but feel desperate to get away, pack yourself and a few friends up in a car or truck and hit the road. Obviously, you’ll have to decide on a destination beforehand, but many of the major national parks are beautiful places to visit, and the admission to these parks will cost you a fraction of what you would have paid for a trip to Florida or Mexico.

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Mountain Climbing

A mountain climbing trip can be a fun and invigorating way to spend spring break. Depending on the type of accommodations you are looking for, it can be pretty inexpensive, and airfare to a destination where you can go mountain climbing will probably not be as expensive as the airfare would be for an especially popular and trendy destination.

Rock Climbing

Instead of spending your time climbing a rock wall at some gym, why not actually climb a real rock. A little research can find you the perfect destination that will give you a chance to see places you’ve never seen, enjoy the beauty of nature and get an invigorating workout by doing some real rock climbing. You’ll come home feeling very refreshed.

White Water Rafting or Kayaking

People take vacations where they go kayaking or white water rafting all the time. Doing it over spring break is a bit unconventional and will certainly fill the bill for anyone who wants to do something that most people wouldn’t think of doing. You can look into actual places that will take you to the best destinations, and if you’re not experienced at dealing with rough waters, having experts to guide you will likely be a good idea.

Other possibilities include cruises, trips to Europe, a trip to Yellowstone, the Grand Canyon, New York City, or exotic destinations such as the South Pacific or Hawaii. These can be very expensive, and trips that cross the international date line for such short periods of time can leave you exhausted when you return.

These ideas are far removed from anything that one would traditionally do. The suggestions listed here are intended to provide interested people with some fun, exciting, unusual and perhaps more cost-conscious alternatives to the big fancy trips to warm climates and beaches. These suggestions are also ideal for couples, small groups of friends and families. They will also provide people with a chance to see things they might not ordinarily get to see. 

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