No More Hunting Quarters At Aldi #Review

No More Digging for Quarters at Aldi

If you have been to Aldi, you can feel the pain. A few years ago, I had heard a lot about Aldi and figured I would give it a shot. No one warned me about needing a quarter to unlock the shopping cart!


My Experience at Aldi

I pulled up at Aldi with no bags and NO quarters. Walked up to the store to get a cart and couldn’t figure out what the deal was until I saw someone else popping a quarter in like a pro! I dug in my purse, no quarter. I went to the car and again, no quarter! So, I bummed one off the next person that walked up. Ha!

Don’t Judge

Sadly enough, the embarrassment from that one day didn’t keep me from occasionally forgetting I needed my quarter. Thankfully those times, I was able to go back to the car and find one. Although, a few times I had to look under the seats to find one. Don’t judge. A mom’s got to do what a mom’s got to do! I’m sure you have some change under your seats too!

Jess CoRafty

I was scrolling on Etsy one day and came across JessCoRafty. I actually laughed out loud when I saw that she had keychains specifically for Aldi. Not that the idea itself was funny but because I remembered that embarrassing day and thought how PERFECT to have a keychain like this. There must be a lot of others who have forgetten their quarters too! 


The Aldi Keychain

So, I am here today to save you some embarrassment. Let me introduce to you these adorable and, yet, so necessary of an item to have if you are an Aldi shopper


The quarters fit snug inside these well made, handmade keychains. I LOVE this! 

Check them out!

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