New Picture Book; Inspecktor Peck and The Platinum Jubilee

Reading a picture book with your child can be a great way to bond and can also help develop their imagination. Reading together can also help your child learn new words and improve their communication skills. Try reading a different book each night to keep things interesting. Here is a new picture book on the market that would make a great addition to your collection.

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It’s England in 2022. London is teeming with troublesome pigeons. The seaside town of Brighton is overrun with unruly seagulls. The Queen is having a party for her Platinum Jubilee. Lots of famous people are invited. Then a terrible thing happens! Inspecktor Peck and PC Gull fly into action. But can two small birds save the day?

UNITED KINGDOM –This picture book of the adventures of Inspecktor Peck and PC Gull is sure to put a smile on the faces of its four- to seven-year-old readers. The fun-filled book centers around the flying policemen as they get up close and personal with the shenanigans happening in the avian world, following an attempt to steal the Queen’s crown.

Written and beautifully illustrated by Janey Bailey, this ornithological romp charms youngsters and parents alike, and shines a rare positive light on the so-called ‘rats’ of the sky.

Filled with illustrations packed with details of bird antics and fun, this book will delight younger readers with its plot and entertaining avian characters. It is full of positivity with an upbeat ending. 

It’s an upbeat book so here’s hoping the author has lots more adventures in store for her highly original and captivating protagonists.

Independently published, Inspecktor Peck and The Platinum Jubilee, is available in paperback ($6.60) and Kindle format ($5.25) on Amazon at and respectively

About the author:

Janey Bailey lives in Gloucestershire, England. She has written and illustrated this picture book. She is a great fan of pigeons, seagulls, and of The Queen, all of which feature in this book. 

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