NEW Matching Child/Doll Posh Peanut Mermaid Blanket

Posh Peanut Offering an Adorable Mermaid Blanket for Your Daughter AND Her Doll

When I was a little girl, I ABSOLUTELY LOVED dressing my baby dolls in cute clothes and wrapping them in a blanket. I would have gone CRAZY if I could have had the same clothing and/or blanket as my dolls. Posh Peanut has a brand new and absolutely adorable mermaid blanket. The best part?! It comes with a MATCHING mermaid blanket for your daughter’s doll! She is going to go crazy like my daughter did!!!

Posh Peanut

So maybe I am secretly living out my dreams from my childhood through my daughter. I guess that’s ok as long as they love it too, right?!

This BRAND NEW 4 foot long mermaid blanket won’t just keep your little one warm BUT it will bring many special memories that will last even when she has outgrown the blanket! The giggles you will hear ringing through your ears will never fade!

Posh Peanut

Posh Peanut Mermaid Blanket – Big Hit

Your daughter will have all her friends talking about her totally awesome mermaid blanket at her next sleepover! You know, mermaids are kind of a big hit these days! 

Perfect for children over the age of 3. With the sewn-on tail, your child’s feet can have a special place to stay warm… right inside the mermaid tail to allow her to feel just like a mermaid (minus the water). Blankets are made from Premium, super soft, double-sided Minky fabric.

Posh Peanut

 Not Just a Blanket

My daughter doesn’t just think this blanket is for sleeping! She wears it around the house to pretend she is a REAL mermaid. So, we get double use out of it. It is a costume by day and a blanket by night! Your daughter will definitely get good use out of this Posh Peanut Mermaid Blanket!

Posh Peanut

Of course, I can’t forget to tell you that this well-made blanket is also machine washable!! Us moms don’t really like when our kid’s stuff can’t be thrown into the wash. Don’t worry, you can throw this in the wash anytime you want (as long as you can sneak it away long enough to wash)!

Posh Peanut

Valentine’s Will Be Here Before You Know It!

Posh Peanut Mermaid Blanket for your child and her doll would be a GREAT gift for Valentine’s Day! She will LOVE it! Choose between pink and green or pink and turquoise. Both color schemes are simply adorable, fun AND scream Valentine’s Day! 

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