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National Geographic, Nat Geo for short, is a cable and satellite television network. The channel, available in more than 143 countries and 25 languages, features non-fiction programs that cover topics including adventure, culture, history, nature, outdoors, science and travel. Nat Geo Kids was established so that kids could learn about the world and how it all works. This is done via award-winning apps, books, events, games, magazines, toys, videos and a website. Nat Geo Kids have books that cover a variety of topics including animals, history, nature, science, and space.

Nat Geo kids

Christmas is almost upon us and books make awesome gifts, especially for the bookworms on your list. I don’t know about you, but my boys (ages 11 and 15) absolutely love reading anything that is science-related.

Nat Geo kids

Dog Science Unleashed

Fun Activities To Do with Your Canine Companion- by Jodi Wheeler- Toppen- (paperback, 80 pages, recommended for ages 8-12)- This book is part of the National Geographic Hands-On Science Line. Kids will learn about how dogs cool off, stay warm, drink, get clean, move and think. They will also have fun with the 22 hands-on activities they can do with their own dog.

Nat Geo kids

Explorer Academy The Nebula Secret

Written by Trudi Trueit (hardcover, 208 pages, recommended for ages 8-12)- This book centers on 12-year-old Cruz Coronado, as he leaves his home in Hawaii to train at the Explorer Academy, an elite school for talented future explorers and faces adventure and danger. Cruz, along with 23 other future explorers, takes part in classes, codebreaking, and expeditions. Kids will also enjoy the codes and the puzzles that are embedded throughout the book.

Nat Geo kids

Fly With Me A Celebration of Birds Through Pictures, Poems and Stories

Written by Jane Yolen- (hardcover, 192 pages, recommended for ages 4-8)- This book features enchanting stories, fascinating science, lyrical poems and stunning photographs that celebrate the amazing world of birds. Kids will learn about things like bird behaviors, facts, habitats, history, identification, migrations, nests, photography, rescues and songs.

Nat Geo kids

Just Joking Jumbo 2

Written by Rosie Goswell Pattison- (paperback, 288 pages, recommended for ages 7-10)- This book is the sequel to Just Joking: Jumbo. It features 1,000 jokes, 1,000 photos and contains conversation and long-story jokes, laughable lists, strange and silly facts, as well as full-color funny photos with silly captions.

Nat Geo kids

Topics that are covered throughout the book includes adventures, animals, dinosaurs, legends and myths, music, pets, spooky sensations, technology, treasure hunting and wonders of the world.

Nat Geo kids

National Geographic Kids Why Not?

Over 1,111 Answers to Everything- by Crispin Boyer- (hardcover, 224 pages, recommended for ages 8-12)- This Q&A book teaches kids about how the world works through activities, facts, information, lists, and profiles. The book, which features hundreds of topics, contains amazing answers, brain-bending breakdowns and epic explanations to tons of questions.

Nat Geo kids

To the Moon and Back My Apollo 11 Adventure

Written by Buzz Aldrin, Marianne Dyson- (hardcover, 16 pages, recommended for ages 8-12)- This pop-up book focuses on human achievement, as told by Buzz Aldrin.

Nat Geo kids

Aldrin, a retired NASA astronaut, was the first person to walk on the moon, as part of the Apollo 11 mission on July 20, 1969. Throughout the book, Aldrin shares his personal stories of Apollo 11 and also take readers behind the scenes of the mission.

Nat Geo kids

Ultimate Predatorpedia The Most Complete Predator Reference Ever

Written by Christina Wilsdon- (hardcover, 272 pages, recommended for ages 7-10). This book showcases Earth’s fastest, fiercest and most amazing predators. Using colorful images, fascinating facts, interesting profiles, and lively text, the encyclopedia covers everything from the smaller predators like ants, mites, and spiders to the larger predators like bears, lions, and sharks.

Nat Geo kids

Ultimate Secrets Revealed A Closer Look at the Weirdest, Wildest Facts on Earth

Written by Stephanie Warren Drimmer- (hardcover, 192 pages, recommended for ages 8-12)- This book delves into the bizarre, mind-blowing, strange, weird and wild facts from around the world. This is done through awesome information, cool photos, exciting stories, as well as Q&As with field experts. The book not only covers the facts but also showcases what they mean, why they are important and what the secret behind them is.

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  1. these sounds great my boys would love them I have the adult version which is one big huge book without pictures so I would love to get them these thank you for sharing

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