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Jumper Cables

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No more worrying over a dead battery when you come out of a store! These compact jumper cables from MyCharge pack quite a punch! They are small in size but now in power! These are perfect for your teen driver too. Send them off with confidence that they will get home safely!

It will be getting hot soon, standing outside your car in the heat waiting for someone to come jump your dead car battery will be no fun. Check out the MyCharge Portable Jumper Cables! 

Go here and see what Powered by Mom writer Beth thought of her new Jumper Cables!

Jumper Cables

About AdventureJumpStart:

The 6600mAh AdventureJumpStart is a battery ideal for jump-starting your own car, truck, boat or ATV. With a 400A peak jump start current and a 200A jump start current, the battery provides power to jump your car or other vehicle’s battery. The AdventureJumpStart includes detachable jumper cables for use to jump-start your own car.

Jumper Cables

One Lucky Reader will win their own AdventureJumpStart from MyCharge!
The giveaway is open to US only, 18+
The giveaway ends 3/20 at 1159p est
Be sure to come back daily for more chances to win!
Jumper Cables


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15 thoughts on “MyCharge AdventureJumpStart Jumper Cables Giveaway Ends 3/20

  1. I would give the AdventureJumpStart Jumper Cables to my husband to put in his truck! Thanks so much!

  2. I would keep then for our personal car. I’ve had to deal with dead batteries and it’s not fun waiting for the tow truck to arrive!

  3. I would keep these in my van. We live pretty far from the grocery stores and if I get stuck it would be awesome to have this.

  4. I would keep them for myself. Having something like this in your car at all times will be a lifesaver more times than you would want to guess. Just having regular jumper cables have come in handy soooo many times.

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