Must-Have Kitchen Products

Must-Have Kitchen Products

We all know what basic kitchen items we need. Plates, cups, silverware, pots, pans, and utensils. How about those “extras”. You know, the must-have kitchen extras that make cooking easier but aren’t one of the mandatory kitchen products? I am here to share with you some of my favorite “extras” that I tend to use on a very regular basis.

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Capresso Espresso Maker

Coffee Shop Cappuccino

There is nothing like getting to start your day with some great caffeine. I love making lattes in the mornings with my Capresso Espresso & Cappuccino Machine EC-300. It is easy to whip up my favorite latte!

Capresso H2O Glass

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Making oatmeal or grits for my kids is super quick and easy with the Capresso H2O Glass.  They can even do it themselves. I personally love it for my hot tea. Simply fill up the glass pitcher, set it on the hot plate, press the “on” button… that’s it! It will get your water piping hot in a matter of minutes. 

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The Capresso H2O Glass heats up to 6 cups of water at a time. The water will boil much quicker than your traditional stovetop water pot. Since it has a cool handle, my children can handle making their own oatmeal in the mornings! Another great thing for a busy mom is that it has an auto shut off. Mom brain can get the best of me at times. Having the auto shut off has saved me from a potential house fire at least once! 

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Fissler Adamant Fry Pan

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Suitable for any stove, the Adamant Comfort Pan is going to wow you! If you are like me, you can’t stand getting a new pan only to have a scratch on it after the first meal cooked with it! Fissler’s Adamant Comfort Pan is scratch resistant!! No need to worry about food cooking to the pan with the non-stick effect surface.

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The ergonomic safety handle on the Adamant Comfort Pan makes it easy to maneuver even with sizzling hot food inside! It has a high rim which allows for a wide frying surface. That comes in handy when feeding five people! 

kitchen products

kitchen products

Quarto Books Wholefood for Children

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Children can be incredibly picky eaters. Of course, if allowed, they will go strictly to sugary, fried, unhealthy food every time. Making sure you have healthy options is important. Sometimes, I need a little extra help with that. Ok, a LOT of times. The Wholefood for children gives me a better understanding of how to cook healthier for my kiddos. 

The Wholefood for Children book offers advice on how to introduce foods to your six-month-old. It walks you through setting a good healthy foundation for your children. Jude Blereau, the author, provides a wide range of recipes for meals along with snack ideas. 

Quarto Books Wholefood Thermo Cooked

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Thermo appliances are a big thing these days. Everyone wants quick and easy meals. Cooking can be easy while still being healthy. This recipe book offers 140 recipes. No need to buy store foods full of preservatives when you can make your own (and know what is going into your body). The Wholefood Thermo Cooked book even has sweet treat recipes in it to provide a healthier sweet for your family!

Pampered Chef Pizza Stone

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I have had my Pampered Chef Pizza Stone for about 15 years now. We use it for far more than just pizza. Although I love making homemade pizza, I also love cookies! I know it is a pizza stone but I use it for cookies AND pizza!!

Pampered Chef Mix and Chop

Snickers Cheesecake

This chopper is supposed to be used for cooking ground meats but I use it for several things. It does make browing hamburger meat a breeze but it also helps me break up oreos and other cookies or candies when needed. I use this several times a week for various reasons!

Stackable Cooling Rack Set

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Like I said before, I love making cookies. So, here again, is another kitchen extra that I list as a must-have! this cooking rack has small enough holes where the cookies can stay in one piece without falling in between the wires like some of the other brand cooling racks I have tried. It allows the cookies to cool without sticking to the suface of the cooling rack

Pampered Chef Apple Wedger

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Here is the easiest way to cut an apple without having to worry about cutting your finger. Apples are notorious for rolling cut with a knife. My son got a small cut with the knife trying to cut an apple before. The apple wedger sits on top of the apple and cuts the apple in perfect slices as you push down on the wedger. 

Pampered Chef Medium Scooper

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Cookies again… yes, the medium scooper makes scooping cookie dough into the exact same sized balls perfect every time. Since the dough is the same proportions, the cookies bake evenly. 

Pampered Chef Crinkle Cutter

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I use the Crinkle Cutter for carrots, potatoes, squash, zucchini, and even onions. Chopping unions with the crinkle cutter gets them cut before the tears start rolling. Let me just say, I HATE chopping onions because I cry every single time. They are a killer on the eyes! When I use the crinkle cutter, I can dice the whole onion in a matter of less than a minute. The firmness of the crinkle cutter makes chopping even the harder veggies, super easy.

What are your go-to kitchen must-have “extras”?

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20 thoughts on “Must-Have Kitchen Products

  1. I have one of the choppers but haven’t ever tried it for chopping cookies or crackers. Thanks for the idea.

  2. Oh, man! I would love an espresso maker! I would save a bunch of money at the coffee shop.

  3. All of the above, Please! I have so much I wanted to get for my new house!

  4. I struggle to find foods my kids will eat that are also healthy. Both of these cookbooks look like they need to be in my kitchen! I need all the help I can get.

  5. I love Pampered Chef. I actually have most of these Pampered Chef items. I want one of the H2O things!

  6. I have a plain coffee maker from Capresso which is great for everyday use but I may need to indulge in buying one of the espresso makers.

  7. I love my apple slicer. Makes it easy to cut apples for all 5 of my kids quickly. We go through apples like no other family I know! I need to plant an apple tree.

  8. I love it too. My aunt used to sell Pampered Chef. The H2O is great. My kids love oatmeal and grits. It makes it super easy!

  9. Mine did too until I got this pan. Not one bit sticks to this pan. It is rather amazing!

  10. Wow. 5 kids. Yes, I agree that it helps cut down time but especially if you have five apples to cut each time!

  11. I am with you on the frying pan. I hate making eggs because mine always stick too. I am going to check this kind out. I wonder if they are available in stores. I am not much of an online shopper.

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