Mother’s necklaces have become a popular piece of jewelry. They have been featured on a variety of television shows. Many celebrities have been featured in magazines wearing mother’s necklaces while showing off their children’s names and birthstones. They offer sentimental value and can be a life long keepsake. There are many different brands available for a variety of prices. Check out this beautiful mother’s necklace from AJ’s Collection.

mother's necklace

They appear to be the contemporary version of the traditional “mother’s ring.” Like mother’s rings, they can usually be set with birthstones. However, necklaces are usually engravable and offer more customization options that the mother’s rings of yesterday.

Custom Engraving With Kid’s Names and Birthdates

Mommy necklaces are usually engravable pendants that can be engraved with children’s names or initials. The pendants are available in several different shapes and sizes. Some pendants allow for several children’s names to be listed. Other pendants are smaller and allow for one child’s name with the availability for several pendants to be worn on the same chain. Popular pendant shapes include circles, squares, and hearts. Some of them are hand stamped while others are machine engraved and offer a variety of font choices.

mother's necklace

Another popular option is to engrave children’s birthdates. Sometimes the birthdates are on the back with their names on the front. Other necklaces allow the names and birthdates to be on the same side of the pendant.

Children’s’ Birthstones

Many of the modern mother’s necklaces can be set with birthstones. Often the stones are small, around 2 – 3 MM in size. Some pendants can be set with up to 6 names and also engraved with names. Some of them can be set with precious stones, including diamonds.

Gold, Silver or Other Metal Mother’s Necklaces

Different brands offer different materials for the necklaces. Silver and gold are the most popular options. Some stores also offer Rose Gold or Copper options.

mother's necklace

Daddy Dog Tags

A variety of Mommy necklace brands have also started to incorporate items for fathers as well. Dog Tags for fathers that are engravable have become a popular option with celebrity dads. Dog tags often have the family initial on one side and the names of the children engraved on the other side.

Shopping for Mommy Necklaces

Mommy necklaces can be found in a variety of places. Most jewelry stores offer at least one brand. Online stores often offer a variety of personalized necklaces. Prices vary greatly, depending on the brand. Many of the online varieties are handmade for a truly custom piece of jewelry. With prices for many of them starting at under $50, they make a great gift for any mother. The photo pictures are all products that can be bought at AJ’s Collection. They will customize any jewelry to your liking! 

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