Mother’s Day Gift Guide

2020 Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Mother’s Day may not look like the typical Mother’s Day this year with everything going on with the Covid-19 stuff. That doesn’t mean that you don’t need to celebrate mom. She needs to be celebrated more now than ever. It has been a tough go for many people but especially moms who are now home educating their children! Here are a few ideas of products you can get either delivered or picked up from your local Walmart on your next grocery run! Hope you enjoy checking out my Mother’s Day Gift Guide.

Artistic Atmosphere Felt Letter Board with Letters

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Moms always have little sayings throughout the day. Let her use her creative words to encourage you by giving her an Artistic Atmosphere wooden felt board. Each board comes with all the felt board letters she will need. Let her express herself while also using the board as a decoration. The felt board can be hung on a wall or it can be used on the included easel. Artistic Atmosphere has felt boards in several different looks including a reversible pink and blue board. You can buy yours HERE

Beautiful Boards

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Before long, we will be back to having get togethers with friends once all this Coronavirus stuff settles down. Everyone will be anxious for the first safe social interaction possible. While mom has a little extra time, this Beautiful Boards book would be great to start looking through and planning the best get together ever with some stunning cheese, fruit, etc. board!

BloomsyBox Flower Subscription Box

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For the mom who loves flowers and, to be honest, the mom who isn’t as much a flower kind of gal. Right now, flowers are a comfort. They liven up even the darkest of days. With BloomsyBox Flower Subscription Box, you do not have to go to a store or flower shop. It doesn’t matter if the local florist is still making deliveries. BloomsyBox flowers are shipped direct and are absolutely beautiful. The flowers are packaged nicely to prevent damage throughout the shipment. 

Breathe Mama Breathe

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Oh, yes. Breathe Mama Breathe. Something I have heard from many moms is that their stress levels are through the roof right now. This book gives mom ideas on how they can incoorperate different exercises to be mindful. Being more mindful helps anxiety levels and creates a calm most moms are looking for. 

BREATHE Sinus & Lung Respiratory Health

We all know that we need to keep our respiratory track clean and clear to give us the best chance of fighting the Coronavirus if we were to get it. It is also allergy season which typically causes breathing and sinus issues. Eu Natural’s BREATHE Sinus & Lung Respiratory Health vegetarian dietary supplements are a great way to BREATHE this spring.

CHI® Handheld Steamer

Having a hard time picking out a gift that you can get without waiting on shipping? During your next trip to Walmart, grab the Chi Handheld Steamer. Mom will love not having to iron  everyone’s clothes. The Chi Handheld Steamer is about the size of a flat iron which makes it excellent for travel! There is no need for having an ironing board set up, just hang the garmet and steam away!

Dot Journaling—A Practical Guide

Have you heard of dot journaling? Mom may be looking for a way to keep organized for a quick run in and out at the grocery store. She may need to get some raw feelings out at the end of each day. Oh, and don’t forget about her never ending to-do list. Moms are busy people, help mom save time by learning to dot journal with this Dot Journaling—A Practical Guide book. 

Drop Stop

Drop Stop. What a genious product!! I can’t tell you how many times I have had my phone sitting on the center console of the car and have to brake quickly… there goes my phone down between the seats. Drop Stop fills the gap between the seat and the center console. No more losing all your personal belongings between the seat and console. 

E-Creamery Ice Cream

Yum! E-Creamery Ice cream is so so delicious. Aside from how delicious it is, it also is delivered directly to your door. Go for a Mother’s Day theme or a Stay at Home theme pictured above in the Ultimate Comfort Collection. Want to make sure mom gets the ice-cream all to herself? No, problem… E-Creamery Ice Cream containers can be personalized just for mom! 

GrooveLife Apple Watch Band

I am sure mom’s apple watch is getting some good use these days. With spring weather beginning and mom getting out in the yard to plant her garden, playing with the kids, or taking a walk, mom is sure to break a sweat this spring. GrooveLife’s Apple Watch Bands are made of a high quality material with a breathable design which is perfect for warmer weather!

Bump Boxes

Pregnancy is such a fun time, regardless if it is your first pregnancy or your third! There are so many great products on the market these days that are targeted to pregnant moms. So, how do you know which ones to choose? Bump Boxes pick the best products and they package them together to send as a surprise each month throughout your pregnancy. In each box, mom will recieve at least 5 new products to try out. If you have the baby before the end of your subscription, no worries. Bump Boxes will send you a box specifically for your baby!

GrooveLife FitBit Band

Made just the same as the Apple Watch band above, GrooveLife also offers bands for FitBit (like this one) and also for the Samsung watch. They have many beautiful designs. 

Hamilton Beach 12 Cup Coffee Maker

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Most moms are busy juggling life. Keeping the house clean, making sure everyone is fed, many are schooling their children at home for the first time ever, many moms are working from home all while trying to keep up with everything else in the “motherhood” to-do lists. Taking as much off moms plate right now is the key to a happy, smooth flowing home. Coffee is a must for most moms to keep going. Now, Hamilton Beach has come up with a way to make coffee making even easier with the built in Alexa option! Simply tell Alexa to “Make my coffee!” as soon as you are ready for a new pot of coffee. Hamilton Beach products are also available at Walmart. 

The Back Thing

Moms carry kids, baskets of laundry, and about everything under the sun around throughout the day. One way to be sure to help save moms back from hurting is to get her “The Back Thing” for her to use at her desk, in the car, and anywhere else she is hitting for any period of time. The Back Thing gives support to the lumbar section of the back. Instead of horizontal cushioning that pushes the lower back to overarch, The Back Thing uses vertical pine slats beneath its padded cushion to promote better posture and lumbar support. The slim design makes it foldable and easy to carry for travel and work.

Kaizen: The Japanese Secret to Lasting Change—Small Steps to Big Goals

So, what is the secret to lasting changes? It is hard for a mom to make changes because there are so many obstacles that get in her way. This Kaizen: The Japanese Secret to Lasting Change—Small Steps to Big Goals book shows mom how she can make small changes to make it possible to have LASTING changes in her health, relationships, money, career, hobbies, and home.

RAWHYD Leather Co. Leather Wristlet Wallet

With all that is going on in the world, we all know of the dangers of being exposed to the Coronavirus. New research even shows it can live for long periods of time on a variety of surfaces. For moms, carrying a big purse in can be a problem yet still we need all of our essentials. The RAWHYD Leather Wristlet Wallet is the perfect solution. It is made of real leather, is super compact and still offers the availability to have all of our cards, cash and even your phone! A must have Mother’s Day gift.

MAM Feed and Soothe Gift Set

Having a baby in your care 24/7 is an exhausting yet rewarding job. When you throw in a gassy baby, it becomes a lot more exhausting than rewarding. A happy baby can be the best gift for mom. MAM offers their anti-colic bottles and soothing pacifiers in the MAM Feed and Soothe Gift Set on Amazon. They have free shipping for Amazon Prime members. No need to run to the store to get the baby on track of happiness so mom can rest.  

Chil Wellness Maximum Relief Salve

Has mom been a little more uptight lately causing some tense, sore muscles? How about getting her this salve to rub on her achy muscles? They even have a 30 day back guarantee to show you that is works! The Chil Wellness Maximum Relief Salve can be applied every 2-3 hours. It has been tested for safety, purity, and potency!

Nomadik Subscription

Right now, camping is going to be the best method of enjoying a little getaway. Nomadik is an awesome subscription service for moms who love the outdoors. Every month, they will send a box full of camping goodies. Everything in the picture above came inside one month’s box. Each month, the contents inside the box are different but are top line products. The boxes cost around $30 but are guaranteed to include a minimum of $50 worth of products. 

Soap Cauldron Rose Sea Salt Scrub

Wash your hands, mama! How many times have you washed your hands with this Covid-19 in full bloom? By now, mamas hands are dry as dry can be. The Soap Cauldron Rose Coconut Sea Salt Scrub  has a VERY beautiful scent. The sea salt scrub cleanses, exfoliates, and moisturizes your skin naturally. The scrub is enriched with calcium, magnesium, potassium, copper, and iron and will leave your hands and/or body clean, exfoliated, moisturized, and smelling fabulous!

Soap Cauldron Bath Soaks

I do not know a single mom who would say she wouldn’t LOVE a bath! Not just a quick soak but a hot bath to soak while reading a book… away from the kids and hubby! Give mom the gift of relaxation with the Soap Cauldron Bath Salt Soaks. Along with the bath salts, give a book and a coupon for a few hours to herself even if she can’t leave the house for a perfect Mother’s Day gift!

The Happiest Kids in the World

One thing that this quarentine has me thinking about is just how busy I am. TOO BUSY! The Dutch do things far different than we do here in the US. They live a much simpler life. Find out in the book, The Happiest Kids in the World, how the Dutch live and what tips you can learn from them to make your life easier and your children happier!

The Little Women Cookbook

One thing I see across social media is that moms all across the United States are now home and doing far more cooking than they ever have before. Spruce it up for mom with getting her the The Little Women Cookbook cookbook full of 50 different dessert recipes to try out while they have the time!

The More or Less Definitive Guide to Self Care

We definitely need to be taking good care of ourselves during this time. Stress and anxiety can lead to a lower immune system. The More or Less Definitive Guide to Self Care is a good book for mom to help her find new ways to make sure she is implementing self care!

Hulya Home The Origanami Sateen Sheet Set

It is spring cleaning time. Not just because it is spring but many moms are trying to get the house fresh and clean thanks to the Coronavirus. Is it time for mama to get rid of some old  raggedy sheets that have been washed a million times? Well, Hulya has got you covered with some high-quality sheets to make mom sleep a little easier through all this! Of course, Hulya has many different colored/patterned sheets. I prefer white so I can bleach them with all these germs around!

Tiny Twinkle Swaddle Blanket 3-Pack Set

How precious are these swaddle blankets from Tiny Twinkle?! I am absolutely loving the patterns. For those new mamas, getting her quality baby products like these swaddle blankets will do her heart good. Imagine the pictures of your precious baby all snuggled up in these blankets! Made with their traditional Korean, argyle-jacquard weave, the Tiny Twinkle Swaddle Blankets are lightweight, durable, and breathable all while being soft and gentle for the baby! Yes, they also have boy themed blankets.

TWELVElittle Peek-A-Boo Backpacks

TWELVElittle Peek-A-Boo Backpacks do not have to be used only by new moms. Any mom can use these beautiful, high-quality backpacks by TWELVElittle. If being used for a new mama, the Peek-A-Boo Backpack is great to carry all your baby’s essentials without having to use your hands and arms. You can help mom keep those hands free to focus on baby. The backpack comes with a clear wipe pouch and a changing pad. If mom is older and only needing a backpack to carry her own necessities for work, it can be used for just that without looking like a diaper bag! This is just perfect for any mom on the go!

Weston® Electric Food Mill

WIth the kids out of school, any mom knows a minute or two saved is a BIG deal!! With the Weston Food Electric Food Mill, time in the kitchen is cut down and so is the manual labor! Using its motorized milling action as well as a stainless steel milling disc, this must-have kitchen item can make the perfect mashed potatoes or puree and even baby food. It removes seeds and skin so there is no need to peel, saving valuable time in the kitchen! Great food options in less time, a win win for everyone!

What will you buy for the best Mother’s Day Gift this year?

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