How to Live a More Active Lifestyle

How to Live a More Active Lifestyle 

Everyone could benefit by becoming more active – you only have to look at statistics on obesity to see that the majority of people aren’t getting enough exercise. It doesn’t really come as that much of a surprise, though, since most individuals have jobs which involve sitting at a desk all day whilst they usually drive everywhere. When people do have some time to themselves they don’t usually feel like going for a run or going to the gym, and opt to watch television instead. Exercise is often regarded as tiresome and as something best avoided, even though it can help you control your weight and improve your health. It would be better for people to embrace a more active lifestyle, rather than continually finding excuses to get out of doing exercise.

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If you regard exercise in a more positive way it will be much easier to motivate yourself to do it, rather than if you think about how hard you’re going to have to work, how sweaty you’re going to end up, and how everyone is going to stare at you in your feeble attempt to get fit. What other people think doesn’t matter, as it is your health and fitness you should be concerned about, and besides most people aren’t interested in what you’re doing – it is all in your head.

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Exercise should become part of your daily routine so that you learn to accept it as something that must be done, though it also helps if you enjoy it a little bit. Half an hour of moderate exercise, five days a week is the bare minimum recommended, and if you can do more than that then you should go for it. Exercise is good for your heart, bones and joints, and can reduce your chances of developing serious health issues as you get older. It can also benefit your mental health, making you feel more alert and better able to cope with stress and anxiety, which it is why leading a more active lifestyle is something to aim for.


One muscle that is not toned as easy from just daily routine are your glutes. The BootySprout is an awesome in-home high resistance training system used to tone up your glutes! The big bulky excercise machines typically become a coat rack over time because they take up so much room in your home. Instead, the BootySprout offers a great workout but then folds up and can be stored under a bed or beside a dresser. 

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All you do is unfold it, have a seat on the floor with your back against the durable foam cushion, attach the resistant band(s) over your waist and start your hip thruster exercises. When you are done, fold it up, store it and you are all set to go. The BootySprout isolates the three main gluteal muscles without compressing your spine. Just about anyone can perform this workout! 

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BootySpout has 15 minunte workouts available online to help you get started using your new fitness system. Pull out your BootySpout anytime you go to “sit” and watch TV to encourage a more active lifestyle! You can also check them out on Instagram at @bootysprout


There are a whole range of activities that don’t require any specialist equipment and which can help you achieve your objective of being more active. Walking is usually a favourite because you don’t have to be particularly fit to do it, you already know how it’s done, you can do it alone or with others, and it can be done anywhere. Just walking around the block a few times can work towards boosting your cardiovascular health, but if walking isn’t challenging enough there is always running. It is not unusual to see joggers in the morning who like to get exercise out of the way early in the day so that they don’t have to worry about not being able to fit in a workout later on. It also can also boost their energy levels and improve their mood. 

Having the music pumping while you run will help increase your stanima and push you through the parts of your workout that are hard. We, personally, love the Jabra Elite Active 65t Earbuds. Wherever your day takes you, and whatever activity, this headset won’t get in the way of enjoying sports, music, and calls! The Jabra Elite headset is sweat and dust resistant which optimizes your workouts tracks fitness and performance with an integrated motion sensor. It can also instantly connect to Alexa, Siri, or Google Now! It even has a unique four-microphone technology that gives you effective wind noise reduction on calls!

Other in-Home Exercises

If you are unable to leave the house to do exercise you could invest in some exercise equipment that will allow you the freedom to get active in your own home. You don’t even have to spend a fortune, as a simple jump rope or stepper will give you the opportunity to work on your fitness levels.

Make sure you check out the MASS Suit from Juke Performance. They are becoming very popular since your body basically becomes the exercise machine while wearing the suit. The suit is equiped with multiple resistant bands in which you use your own resistance to exercise! Juke Performance also offers battle ropes, speed and agility training sets, weights, and so much more!

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Leading a more active lifestyle is just as much about having a positive attitude as it as about doing more activity. If you are actually willing to put effort in and stick to an exercise routine then clearly you are in a better position than someone who just does exercise because they feel they have to.


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