Mooshu Trainers Shoes for Children Push Children to Take Steps

Sometimes all children need is a little push to get started with walking but an even bigger push to KEEP walking. I can’t be the only one who has a child who wants to be carried WAY too often. Mooshu Trainers Shoes are helping lighten the load of having to carry our 4-year-old OR listen to her beg to be carried! Growing up is HARD, isn’t it?!

Mooshu Trainers Shoes

When we go on walks or even just walking around the mall, my daughter assumes that it is OUR responsibility to be her legs. What fun is walking (especially if you have to stay close to mom without being able to run through the store!)?! With Mooshu Trainers, I may have to listen to the squeak of the shoe but it sure does excite my daughter enough to get her walking without any complaints! I will take it!

What’s With the Squeak?!

When you are wanting your child to eat all their food, knowing there may be some desert can be just enough motivation to finish up those last few bites of veggies on their plate. If you ask your child to clean their room while telling them they could watch tv if their room gets clean, that room instantly gets cleaned up! Why not give a reward for walking?! 

Mooshu Trainers Shoes

With every step your child takes in these shoes, they will be rewarded with a squeak. It may sound crazy… why would a child want to listen to squeaking?! How can that be exciting for them?! I can’t really answer those questions but I DO know kids love making noise and so the thought process behind the invention of these shoes is genius!! 

Do The Shoes HAVE to Squeak?

NO! If the squeaking becomes a little much, you can easily take out the squeaker! 

My Daughter’s Favorite

The Lucy Ruffle Sandals have become my daughter’s absolute favorite pair of shoes I think she has ever had. Why? They are super cute, they are pink, they are sandals (and she LOVES sandals), AND THEY SQUEAK! She loves them so much that she actually had a meltdown when it was time to go to bed knowing she couldn’t walk through the house squeaking anymore!

Mooshu Trainers Shoes

Mooshu Trainers are great for toddlers learning to take their very first steps all the way to bigger kids who always want to be carried. Available in sizes 3-9 in both girls’ and boys’ sizes!

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5 Replies to “Mooshu Trainers Shoes Encourage Children to Walk #Review”

  1. I do not believe they sell them in wide but I am sure you can call and ask! I feel like they are pretty wide anyways especially since they are sandals. 🙂

  2. My granddaughter who is 2 has a wide wide foot. Wears XW in Stride Rite brand. Are these wide?

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