Montessori Wood Works Bell Cylinder Infant Toy #Review

Montessori Wood Works Gives a Nostalgic Feel With Handmade Wooden Toys

As most of our parents and grandparents remember, wooden toys were typical when they were growing up. I may not have grown up with ALL wooden toys but I have a love for nostalgic toys for sure. Problem is, a lot of times toys from years ago have not necessarily been kept clean enough for use of infants today. Montessori Wood Works has NEW toys with the same feel!

Montessori Wood Works

Bell Cylinder Infant Toy

The bell cylinder made by Montessori Wood Works is made with oak and birch woods then sealed with beeswax. Non-Toxic glue is used. The small bell cylinder toy has a small bell placed inside. It is well made to where the ball can not nor will not come out while in use. Infants will enjoy rolling the toy around and shaking it while being rewarded with the sound of the bell. 

Montessori Wood Works

The bell cylinder is a great way to increase your child’s motor skills. Of course, children start grasping at toys long before they realize the cause and effect theory. Playing with toys like this one will encourage their brain to begin noticing that if they shake the toy, they will hear the sound of the bell resulting in the child learning about cause and effect.

Montessori Wood Works

Check out other toys Montessori Wood Works has for sale as well on Etsy. You will find some great homemade toys your little one will love! 

Montessori Wood Works

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