Modesty, Discretion, and Lust


How does a woman keep a man from lusting after her when she is trying to be discreetly modest?

There comes a point when the fault lies solely on the man. As women, we must consistently bear in mind that men are stimulated visually. Things that we don’t notice can drive a man insane. Society as a whole is so geared to reveal a woman’s body.

Have you ever noticed that going to churchmen wear t-shirts, another shirt buttoned up to their chin, a tie just in case a button popped off, and a jacket on top of all of that? Pants and mid-calf-length socks finish off their ensemble. We ladies come in with our plunging necklines and leg-bearing skirts. We who aren’t as apt to turn into a blubbering ape at the sight of a little skin see nothing but a face and hands. The guys on the other hand are assaulted with more flesh in the church foyer than they may have seen all week long at home (another point for another day here ladies, ahem).

I was a little sheltered as a child and had absolutely no idea just how simple the male species is until here recently. I have two young boys who are maturing into young men before my eyes (and much faster than I care to realize!). One of them asked me today why all the girls at church show off their chests. Knock me over with a feather!

I’m realizing more and more, men DON’T really want to see everything we ladies are exposing. Sure at the moment, it may give a CHEAP thrill, but it weighs heavy on them. How can they truly worship and be in tune with God’s voice when there are spandex-clad torsos singing from the choir. Our boys deserve more than this. They deserve a mom who conceals her body only for their daddy. They deserve a girlfriend who respects them enough to remove as much temptation as possible. Guys will always be guys. God made them enjoy what they see at HOME. My 11 & 13-year-old sons should NOT be having to cover their eyes when they enter the House of God.

Let’s loosen the tops, ladies. Let’s add fabric to the bottom of our skirts. Let’s make it easier for our men to walk in holiness.

~ Guest post contributed by Beth Langley.  Beth is a married mother of two boys and one girl – a full-time homemaker! She is a woman of faith and strives to encourage others.

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