Memories Made at Silver Dollar City – Branson, MO

Silver Dollar City in Branson, MO

Good memories are only memories if they are first made and second if they are cherished! Silver Dollar City brings back very special memories for me. Now, my kids can look back with fond memories at Silver Dollar City as well!

Silver Dollar City

Memories of the Past

The photo above was from two totally different trips I took to Silver Dollar City. One was roughly 25 years ago, the other was last week. Same park, same ride, different generation! The picture on the left is of my brother and myself on a trip to Silver Dollar City with my grandparents.

My brother and I had come from Illinois to visit our grandparents in Harrison, Arkansas. They took us to Silver Dollar City for the day 25 YEARS AGO! It is one day in my memory that I always remember with my grandparents. They are much older now and are unable to go to places like this anymore, but I am beyond thankful for the memories I have with them! We did visit with them at their home after a few days in Branson. 

Silver Dollar City

Opened in 1960, the park has been a place for several generations to enjoy… and many more to come! Even my mom went as a child when she would visit her grandparents.

Roller Coaster Memories

My youngest son will always have a special memory of Silver Dollar City. It is the first place he EVER rode a roller coaster that went upside down… and LOVED it! As soon as we got to the park, we went straight to ride Wildfire.

Silver Dollar City

After riding numerous times in a row, my boys figured out where the camera was and decided to time it with a pretty funny photo! The photo to the left is the very first time they rode, the photo to the right my oldest pretended to be sleeping while my youngest son dabbed. Needless to say, I HAD to buy the photos!

Silver Dollar City

Here is a video with a variety of photos and video clips from our fun at Silver Dollar City!

An Amusement Park Perfect for All Ages

When I think of amusement parks, I think of the “younger generation”. The elderly typically do not enjoy roller coaster type of rides or standing in line. This park is much different. While the younger ones ride rides, the non-riders can spend an entire day just looking in all of the unique shops! The shops are not the typical gift type of shops, they are more of the artisan and craftsman type of shops with very unique and mostly hand-made products! Scrumptious food is another aspect of the park!

Silver Dollar City

Toddlers even have their own play area and rides to better suit their age range! My daughter turned four in April and had so much fun with Daddy while Mom rode the bigger rides with her big brothers! My husband does NOT like roller coasters so it works well when we have a child not big enough to ride the rollercoasters yet.

Silver Dollar City

This picture below cracks me up every time I see it. She is a little goofball… especially when she has spent a lot of time with her silly daddy who eggs her on! Make sure you take note of the photo behind her!

Silver Dollar City

Thank you, Silver Dollar City for giving us a place to not only reminisce over memories from the past but also a place to make new memories with our own children!

Silver Dollar City

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