Losing Important Belongings? This One Is For YOU!

 Are You Always Losing Important Belongings?

The struggle is real. I used to laugh when I would hear people questioning where they left their keys, phone, wallet, etc. You see, I had it all together. Everything was always neat and tidy and most of the time, I could tell you in my sleep where all my important belongings were at the moment. How could anyone NOT know where they laid their keys… they go on the key rack right beside the door! Until everything changed…

Losing Important Belongings

Life for me has changed a lot over the last few years. I am probably more “average” in the organization department these days instead of the OCD overly obsessed crazy organized girl I once was. Partly because I am too busy to focus on everything being put perfectly, partly because I am getting older, and partly because of some intense memory issues. For those of you who are normal and lose your keys occasionally or for those of you who have children who like to hide all of your important belongings OR for those of you who just have a terrible memory… this one is for you…. 

Losing Important Belongings

The Ever So Handy Tile

Oh. My. Goodness. Tile is a godsend! I never thought I would see the day that I needed a device to help me keep up with all my stuff BUT I am soooo thankful to have found these gems. P.S. I am NOT the only one in my home who searches high and low for keys… or their wallet. This is for guys and girls… not just for those with mom brain!

Losing Important Belongings

What Is Tile Anyways?

Tile uses Bluetooth technology for a two-way communication between your phone or tablet and the tile itself. Using the user-friendly tile app just press the find button and if your item is within the range of the tile (distance varies on which tile you own) it will ring to help you locate your item. Making it even more customizable, Tile allows you to customize your ringtone for each Tile you have. So what happens if you have your tile but can’t find your phone? Just press your tile and your phone begins ringing to help you locate it, even if it is on silent!

In the event that you leave your item at another location, as long as the tile app is running, the app will provide you with the last location when both your phone and Tile were together. It will even give you directions back to your last location! In addition, Tile is set up to be one big community! 

Let’s say your child has left their favorite stuffed animal at the park without you knowing it. With the Tile app, it is always looking for Tiles, even other people’s Tile! It will not locate their tiles for you, nor will it alert them of your tiles but it will update you on the location of your item to help you find your child’s stuffed animal after pinging off someone else’s Tile!

Losing Important Belongings

Don’t ever lose anything special again with Tile!

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