LittleBeam Nursing Pillows Add Comfort and Convenience

LittleBeam Nursing Pillows Perfect for Travel

We all know how controversial the “nursing” your baby is. To nurse in public, to not nurse in public. To nurse at all or just bottle feed. Everyone has their own opinions on right and wrong ways. Finding what is best for you and your baby is a personal decision. I never had that as a decision considering I adopted all three of my children. For those that do nurse…. This post is for you!

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A common problem I hear from almost every mom who breastfeeds her child is that holding a baby for this long in the same position can get rather uncomfortable. Nursing pillows have made a world of a difference for that!

What about when you are out in public though?!

Some decide that they are going to just bottle feed their baby while out in public. Others, nurse their baby regardless of how uncomfortable and how inconvenient it may be. There is no need to be uncomfortable while out and about.

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About the LittleBeam Nursing Pillow

Throwing a standard sized nursing pillow in your car may be a little much. Babies already require a lot of “extras” for on the go. Standard sized nursing pillows are a little big and bulky. The LittleBeam nursing pillows are a perfect size. They are about a third of the size a typical nursing pillow would be. Just the perfect size to hold your baby during nursing times and small enough to throw in a larger diaper bag.

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With its unique body-hugging shape, the Littlebeam nursing pillow doesn’t need straps or Velcro to stay in place. Littlebeam can also be used for lower back support in a seated position, as a head rest, in between your knees for neck and back support while lying down, during bottle feeding, or as a tummy time pillow support for babies.


Fashion and cleanliness

For most moms, fashion becomes second to tending their baby but it is still nice when the two meet. LittleBeam nursing pillows have trendy patterns and colors on their pillow covers. Want to switch the look? Easy enough! Just buy an extra cover or two and swap them out when you get bored of that pattern…. Or when the cover needs to be washed. Keep an extra cover tucked in the diaper bag so there will never be a time you can’t use your travel nursing pillow.

nursing pillow

A comfortable, supportive pillow that helps position yourself and your baby during breastfeeding.

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More Than Just a Nursing Pillow

The Littlebeam Nursing Pillow is also great to prop your little one up to keep from having to lay flat on the floor. I always used a nursing pillow to prop my oldest son up. He had reflux and could not lay flat very often. The Littlebeam nursing pillow is a great support. Knowing the cover is completely machine washable makes it even better! 

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1 thought on “LittleBeam Nursing Pillows Add Comfort and Convenience

  1. This would be so helpful for on the go! I have a small airplane pillow I use from time to time but breastfeeding on the go can be tricky.
    Thank you for sharing this!

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