The Lipstick that makes sense… LipSense! 

I HAVE to share this product with you all! LipSense is absolutely AMAZING! 


Ok, so, how many of you women are so tired of feeling like the only way to keep your lips looking pretty is to continually put lipstick on over and over and over again throughout the day JUST to find it on your babies cheeks, your hubby’s lips, the edge of your cup or on the napkin!? ME, ME, ME!!!

With LipSense, you use a combination of three different applications to apply and remove this incredibly long-lasting lip color!


Here’s what you do

  • start with clean lips (just a little FYI, witch hazel is a great way to clean your lips)
  • Apply LipSense lip color on your lips starting at one end of your lips with one smooth stroke. 
  • Without puckering your lips, allow lips to dry for 3-5 seconds between applications
  • Apply just one coat OR several coats depending on how dark you would like for it to be (I prefer just one or maybe 2 thin coats since I am not a fan of super dark lipstick)
  • Finish it off by applying LipSense gloss as often as you would like

Do you know how normally if you put lipstick on and then use any form of lipgloss over the top how it turns the tip of the gloss applicator the color of your lipstick? NOT with LipSense! The lip color stays so well on your lips that even 3 seconds after applying, you can use the gloss without ANY getting on the applicator of the lip gloss!


If you make any mistakes while applying the lip color, just use a little bit of the “oops remover” to take it right off. 

Jaesika Gulbransen at Kiss and Shout can help you get started on finding the perfect color for you! 


LipSense makes sense! Saves time, and money AND keeps you looking great!

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6 Replies to “LipSense – The Lipstick That Doesn’t Fade #Review”

  1. Hey Jeanna!! I would be super happy to help you find the perfect color!! Check out my albums on my facebook group to see all the colors!!

  2. It really is great! I wore mine ALL day long! Had a lot of compliments at church tonight on my makeup. That was the ONLY thing I did any different!

  3. Really want to try this! I saw a lady at work the other day and she had applied it early that morning and it was still beautiful late that evening. Amazing!

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